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Prince William and Harry worry about their father Charles because he works too much.

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Your father can't stop him. No wonder Prince William and Harry were worried about their father, Charles. Because the number one heir is definitely working too much. Therefore, William's request was clear: "I want him to spend more time with grandchildren and more often at home."

Prince Charles will soon be 70

Above all, his sons want him to relax. However, his 70th birthday will come soon.

"Charles is the strongest man I know, but at the age of 95 he should be the same bug," William said.

Charles Frau Camilla agrees: "He always wants success. He wants to save the world. His passion drives him."

Children call daddy a workaholic

But Charles knew that if he became king, he would not want to interfere in politics again, he told the BBC. Often he expressed his opinion and campaigned for various environmental problems. That will sacrifice strength, Charles said.

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"I am not that stupid. Of course, I know that as a king, you have different responsibilities than the heir to the throne," Charles said in an interview with the BBC.

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Even when William and Harry were children, his father had just worked. Both of them call it a workaholic.

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Prince Charles (69) with his wife Camilla (71).

Despite all this work, Charles supports his family wherever he can. Like Harry and Meghan's marriage. Of course for Prince Charles to lead Meghan to the altar. His own father was prevented because of illness.


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