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New fate: Grandma Cathy Lugner is sick with Alzheimer's

Updated November 29, 2018, 10:21 am

Only in October did Cathy Lugner withdraw from the limelight for health reasons. Now he reveals that there is another serious illness in the family.

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As Gala and Express reported, Cathy Lugner provided devastating insights into his personal life during the filming of the Sat.1 show "Celebrities Private – My (almost) Perfect Life". According to him, his grandmother was sick with Alzheimer's and needed treatment.

Touch words

"This is very bad if he no longer understands me or no longer recognizes me," admitted the star "Naked Attraction". "He can't walk, he has to get food."

Cathy Lugner has a relationship that is very close to her grandmother, 28 years always being "Omakind".

In his daily life, he tried to support his mother, Maria Schmitz, with his best ability: "This is a lot of work coming to my mother and because my mother is sick and has bones, my sister works full time and my brother lives in Vienna, I'm the only one who can take care of it a little. "

Own health problems

At the same time, Richard's ex-wife "Mörtel" Lugner does not seem to be going well at this time. In October, he had reported via Instagram for a while to withdraw from the public: "Unfortunately, I have struggled with unsightly findings for some time. […] Please be kind, understand that for now I'm not talking about it and I only owe an explanation of why you won't hear anything from me for now. I need to rest now. "You can see the post here:
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