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Munich: Monika Gruber gives up – and has bitter news for his own followers

In fact, cabaret artist Monika Gruber can be happy: The attack on tickets for her performance at Olympiahalle in Munich is huge. But something pushed "Gruaberin" to hot white.

  • Monika Gruber entered Munich and ticket attacks cause problems.
  • Some fans are slowed down by technical problems.
  • Gruber warns now that it's concrete enough not to get tickets at certain providers.

Update October 23, 10:19 a.m.: After the chaos of selling their cards, Monika Gruber scolded the possibility of hackers behind the server failure (see initial message): "They don't seem to be able to order tickets with us, and do everything possible to prevent this."

He railed through Instagram at the Viagogo ticket exchange and entered into tz * on Wednesday after once again: Viagogo's business practices are merely "criminals", the ticket marketplace of the easily fooled customers without mercy.

Bad news for many fans: According to Gruber, far more than 6000 questions were received by mail on Monday night. This will now be processed in the order of receipt. It's clear that not every card request can be fulfilled. For the sympathetic reaction the fans thanked the cabaret artist at tz.

"Drecksverein, Grattler!": Monika Gruber is upset with the ticket chaos

Update October 22, 11:50 AM: On 11 December happened Monika Gruber's cabaret artist in Munich Olympic Hall on – but presale is so stormy that it ends in chaos. Ticket server collapsed (see the first message below).

Some fans of "Gruaberin" will look for alternatives and may have landed on the controversial ticket exchange But Urbayerin can only warn that. Please do not buy presale tickets "black market traders and the Grattler Association" for Olympic Hall, he scolded in Instagram videos. "We must stay united against this bastard," he continued on Instagram. He advertises that his fans buy tickets on his own homepage.

Apart from that, not at all sure what the audience is at viagogo cards are bought in the hall, after all, they are personalized.

"Gruaberin" received support for their anger requests from many fans. "That's right! Thankfully, many artists have drawn attention to this. Thumbs up!", Instagram users posted below the video. "Right," underlines the others. But many fans also complained that the Agency Stage server had collapsed. "I'm going crazy", Even Instagram users are desperate. (There's nothing with the card.), the others resign.

This is not the first time Monika Gruber has warned about Viagogo's business practices.

Monika Gruber at Olympiahalle: The ticket server collapsed due to a heavy attack

First report from 21 October – Munich – Olympiahalle Munich to fill with about 10,000 of their seats – you have to make a cabaret or a cabaret artist once. from Monika Gruber a few days ago Derniere their current madness program! announced in front of a very large audience, his words still sounded as though he was afraid of their own courage: "I hope I can handle this and not just my hunchback sitting there."

Ticket server collapsed: "Technicians are working at full speed"

Concern that too few fans were trying to get tickets for the evening on Wednesday, December 11, seems unfounded – quite the opposite. Under the attack question, the server is corrupted Agency Stage in Upper Austria Marchtrenk near Linz on Monday morning together, "before the show was ever released," as an agency spokesman announced the request. The number of "extraordinary" hits. Someone regrets this fact and also understands the displeasure of every guest who doesn't want to spend his time permanently on a PC. "Our engineers are working at full speed, it will take a while for the server to work again," he said. On Monday afternoon, the side of the stage did return, but said in Monika Gruber's terms briefly: "The program was not found."

Gruber himself said on Monday in surprise: "May, how embarrassing!" He also hopes that ticket sales will soon work again smoothly and please bring about the accident, so that 48 years, who had planned, as the first verbal cabaret to fill such a large hall. As reported, Monika Gruber wants to take a quarter year break from January. He wanted to "live a little longer, because only then could I experience something that I could tell".

Incidentally, the number of tickets for December 11 is limited to four per order, personalized tickets.

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