Tuesday , May 18 2021

More content and HOTAS support for early access begins

Rockfish Games reports in Everspace 2’s latest production update that delaying Early Access from January 2021 will also ensure that more content will be available for launch. Due to high demand from players, the Early Access version supports HOTAS (freely configurable) and offers presets for the widest range of hardware settings with Logitech and Thrustmaster joysticks.

New content in the Early Access version includes, for example, a visualization of the known “The Ancients’ Rifts” stretch goal from the Kickstarter campaign – additional endgame sectors with special challenges and appropriate high-quality loot.

Rockfish Games: “With the start of Early Access, observant pilots will be able to find the ancient remains of a mysterious alien race known from its predecessors in the ‘Union’ star system. As announced in production update 19, the ‘Union’ star system is a busy trading post. on Everspace 2 While freelancers in the clouds high over the planet Culver run a very lucrative business with high-tech equipment, medical supplies and mining resources, the Criminals, already known from their predecessors, chase prey, which they win to the highest bidder with high returns. The floating concentrate of mega-cities in outer space, with its colorful shopping and entertainment centers, overcrowded and industrial apartment blocks, filthy space ports, is an irresistible melting pot and magnet for famous characters of various races featured in the campaign. story and also various secondary que St will happen i. The Prescott Starbase is accessible from day one of Early Access and will continue to expand over the next year with additional functionality and possible interactions. “

“For the first two star system, more than two dozen enemy types were created at launch, which will continue to expand over the next 12 months to fill a total of six to eight hand-designed star systems in the last game (…).”

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