Linde wants to buy back its six billion dollar stake


Linde returns most of the revenue from the forced sale of shares in the process of merging with Praxair to the shareholders. Linde Plc, which merged, announced on Monday night a program to repurchase shares weighing up to 6 billion dollars (5.26 billion euros).

For courses in final trading in New York, industrial gas producers must acquire 37 million good shares, which will be 6.8 percent of share capital. The papers will be confiscated or distributed as bonus shares to employees.

Repurchases will begin no later than May 1 and will last until early February 2021. Linde has bought back more than $ 1 billion since December. If completed before May 1, the new program can start earlier.

Linde plc is the result of the merger of Munich-based Praxair America with Linde AG. To enforce a merger into the world's largest industrial gas group against the concerns of competition guards, especially in Europe and the US, Linde and Praxair must make large concessions and divestment parts of companies.

Business sales in North and South America, as well as subsidiaries in Asia, inject more than eight billion euros (about nine billion dollars) into joint entities. Praxair has given its business in Europe worth five billion euros (around 5.7 billion dollars) to Taiyo Nippon Sanso Japan.


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