India: Avian tiger Avni fired


For two years, the tiger walked to the Indian state of Maharashtra, which was shot down Friday after a major shootout. The animal, designated by the hunters as T-1, claimed that a total of 13 people were killed near the Ralegaon forest. Animal protection activists baptized the Avni tiger.

The Supreme Court had previously issued the animal to the shooting. Meanwhile, animal welfare activists have tried to prevent hunting, but have not been negotiated, the BBC reported. Avn had two puppies.

Approximately 200 people participated in the three-month search operation. More than a hundred camera traps were mounted, horses and goats that are tied to trees and guards on platforms. Hunters also tried to find a six-year-old animal with bait.

Note from the population

According to the BBC, "Obsession" perfume was used by men like Calvin Klein, which contains the Zibeton scent. Experimenting in the United States suggested that the material could attract at least Jaguars.

Finally, the inhabitants of a small village who want to see the animal are the decisive drops. The hunters then lie in a vehicle with an impressive rifle and firearm, according to the BBC, the local forestry authority.

First, the tattoo gun was shot at the tiger. After being hit, he announced that he had attacked the vehicle and was shot at about ten meters. The tiger must now be examined in more detail.

Two kittens

Animal rights activists complained about the Internet to kill the tiger. Some people in the region celebrated the death of the big cat.

The tiger reported a total of 13 people. In the week, the saliva tests proved that the female tiger is responsible.

The tigers are threatened with extinction. 60 percent of the world's population lives in India. However, there are always incidents between humans and animals. In 2017, a tiger who was allegedly killed three people died in an electric shock.


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