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Half-Life appeared in Germany 20 years ago and has changed the history of video games forever. Even today, the effects of extraordinary shooters are visible.

Only five years between the first release of Doom published in 1993 and Half-Life, but it seems as if the two games are separated one generation. While shooters in the mid nineties especially the concept "Run to the end of the level and kill all opponents " followed and stories told to the maximum in manual or in cutscenes, Half-Life takes the possibility of narration to a new level.

The story of physicist Gordon Freeman, who had to fight an alien invasion at the Black Mesa research station, was very famous. But the special is How this story is told. Instead of relying on cutscenes, you experience all uninterrupted actions through Morgan Freeman's eyes. Stories occur around you and are part of the game. 1998 a small sensation.

However, not only does Valve have to use the GoldSrc engine power. Instead, each game buyer receives an editor, with their own creations and especially Mods that are possible. More than the previous game, Half-Life gives players the tools to implement their own vision.

The most famous of these projects are still an integral part of the game culture and for the most part responsible for popularizing eSports in its current form: Counter-strike. The tactical shooter was originally designed as a modification for Half-Life, until Valve recognized the potential of the project and brought the young modder as the official developer on the plane.

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The first major person shooter in the history of video games.

Besides modders Valve opens the way for several other young talents. So, two official extensions appear for Half-Life: Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Both episodes are related to the main match events from an alternative perspective, one from the US Marines, the other from Barney's perspective. eBoth extensions are developed by the young Gearbox Studio softwarewho created the Borderlands series ten years later.

This is the first joke, but …

In 2003, the next chapter of the story of Half Life began. At E3, Valve presented the twenty-minute Half-Life 2 demo, the technically overshadow everything that previously existed. Besides realistic face animations and water effects The new source engine of the game impressed above all in handling physicswhich hasn't existed in this form before. In particular, Gravity Gun, a weapon that allows to manipulate objects at a level, remains in the memory of many players to this day.

One of the most important aspects of Half-Life 2, however, has nothing to do with the game. This game is the first Steam platform singleplayer game going forwardValve previously designed it as a launcher for Counter-Strike to automatically provide updates for players. Which program binds your game to an online account? 2004 a scandal. What if Valve turns off the server someday? What if I want to resell my game? Steam resistance is very good, but thanks to Half-Life 2, everyone takes risks. A few years later, Steam is difficult to imagine in any PC game.

However, Valve Steam is not only used to offer their own games. Again, the creativity of young developers must be promoted, so that since 2005 and indie games have been offered on that platform and an option opened from AAA production.

Although two episodes of expansion followed for Half-Life 2, however The series ended in October 2007 with an evil cliffhanger. Since then, the calm atmosphere around Half-Life and the hope that one day Half-Life 3 will still emerge, has now become a joke. But there might be a good reason for that.

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are not only good games, they are revolutionizing the game world. For Half-Life 3 there are no lower claims that can be applied. But what's the next step? Valve has revolutionized modding, storytelling, eSports and digital distribution with the Half Life series, What challenges are still open for Half-Life 3?? Maybe virtual reality. For most players, futuristic glasses are still an expensive gimmick. And who knows – Half-Life 3 specifically for VR can change that.


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