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Daniel Huber, Thomas Lackner, Manuel Fettner and Jan Hörl have tested positive for the corona virus. The entire ÖSV team will not take part in today’s World Cup ski jumping competition in Nizhny Tagil (RUS).

14.55, 6 December 2020

Daniel Huber tested positive for the coronavirus a day after finishing second in Russia
Daniel Huber tested positive for the coronavirus a day after finishing second in Russia © GEPA images

Austrian ski jumpers are not out of Corona low, in Russia together Daniel Huber, Thomas Lackner, Manuel Fettner and Jan Hörl four other athletes tested positive. ÖSV later canceled participation in Sunday’s competition in Nizhny Tagil. It remains unclear whether those affected should undergo on-site quarantine. With Sandro Pertile The race director for the International Ski Federation also gave a positive Covid-19 test.

Further procedures, in particular the departure from Russia for the upcoming World Ski Ski Championship in Planica (SLO) are currently being evaluated, ÖSV announced. A multi-day quarantine for the athlete who has tested positive and possibly for the entire Austrian team in Russia at this time cannot be ruled out.

You have until Tuesday or Wednesday to decide whether you will be in Planica Mario Stecher, the sporting director for ski jumping and the Nordic combined in ÖSV, told the APA – Austria Press Agency on Friday. To participate, everyone must give a negative PCR test.

Many cases on the ÖSV team

On November 25 with the head coach Andreas Widhölzl, Gregor Schlierenzauer and Philipp Aschenwald the first known corona case at an Austrian ski jump camp. On 28 November it was announced that he was also the winner of the World Cup as a whole Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayboeck has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus during further PCR tests. There is also an unnamed coach. It was also published that ÖSV was supported by an assistant coach Robert treitinger for failure to comply with Covid-19 protection measures.

For Huber, the competition came a day after his second place. According to ÖSV, all four athletes are currently symptom-free. Markus Schiffner and Maximilian Steiner gave a negative test, but won’t launch either. The director of the Pertile race must also rest. He went into quarantine on Saturday night immediately after receiving a positive result. The second test on Sunday was also positive. Tests of other FIS crew members in Russia came back negative. The World Cup competitions on Sunday must go ahead as planned.

Hope for strength and Hayböck

Stecher recently hoped strength, which like Hayböck’s showing rather mild symptoms, would still be a problem for the World Cup. “We hope we can take him there. To do this, he has to give a negative PCR test 72 hours beforehand. You have to see how the scores work. As is well known, you have to come from the Robert Koch Institute. The CT score must be over 30. so as not to be infected again. That will be one of the decisive things, “said Stecher.

Schlierenzauer was more severe with a high fever, severe headache, temporary loss of taste and smell, and cough.

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