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Final Design: That's the look of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S9 followed by Galaxy S10. Samsung might present a new flagship at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And again, smartphones come in at least two versions – like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +. There is also speculation about the third version called the Galaxy S10 Lite. Even though the show is still a few months away at the end of February 2019, the coverage is full. In this message, we summarize what you can expect from the new S10 series.

Update from November 18, 2018

Final Design: That's the look of the Samsung Galaxy S10

What Ming-Chi Kuo is doing in the world of technology for the 2019 Apple iPhone, is the "es universe" possible for Samsung smartphones: Experts in the past leak is often correct when it comes to new calls from South Korea. Now, anonymous experts publish rendering images that show the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Experts agree: that's the real advantage of Samsung.

The appearance of smart phones is getting bigger and bigger and surrounded by thin edges is not new. However, the biggest problem over the past two years has been on the screen, where selfie cameras, sensors and speakers are forced to talk on the telephone. Apple is in late 2017 with a revolution that gives the same opinion: Notch was born. Meanwhile, almost no smartphone manufacturer does not rely on Apple solutions for more displays – except Samsung. Smart phone manufacturers from South Korea have so far opposed more or less successful trends.

Sound waves instead of speakers?

And also in the future, Samsung may want to do without Notch and seems to miss the trend, as illustrated by ice images in the universe. Thus, he manages Samsung with the Galaxy S10, which may be presented in spring 2018, to interrupt the screen only through the camera lens. This concept can show that Samsung in the new flagship will depend on the telephone through transmission of sound waves instead of speakers. The principle we have encountered in testing Vivo Nex Ultimate – on a futuristic Chinese telephone, however, that technology can still be expanded. Where travel with the Galaxy S10 will go away, it remains interesting.

The iPhone 2019 can come with a smaller notch

Apparently, data about prototypes has entered the network. As it stands, the iPhone 2019 can be much smaller. In addition, the front camera must be supported by an infrared lens.

All rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S10 series:

News about the design and color of the Galaxy S10

Update from November 14, 2018

Galaxy S10 with a notch hole and a triple camera

In the past few months, we have gathered some rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S10. Constantly adhering to the assumption that the new aircraft carrier will have a triple camera. Evan Blass also confirmed this via Twitter. The famous Leaker has more information that he tells us. This includes the new Infinity-O-Display including Loch-Notch.

According to his report, the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with what is called the notch hole. This means that only the front camera interrupts the display and something like a dot, becomes a hole, free. Around this niche, the screen extends to the entire front. Samsung recently introduced the Infinity O screen at its conference.

Different Display Infinity versions

Samsung seems to be thinking about how to make the edges disappear on Galaxy devices. In the past, people mocked the position on other smartphones. Now Samsung can even use notches.

However, only the top two models of this series have Infinity O-Display – the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 +. The Lite version, however, comes in a more classic look with notches and a slightly wider margin display. That suspects at least the Ice universe via Twitter.

One UI and Exynos 9820

But all three versions of S10 will run on Android 9 Pie and the new Samsung One UI interface. One UI will be used on many smartphones starting in 2019 and will also be sent through updates. The new interface shows a revised design and has a special dark mode.

The new top chipset from Samsung is more compact than its predecessor, offering faster LTE and twice as fast memory access thanks to UFS 3.0 support. AI with NPU itself is also integrated in the processor. It even supports 8K video recording. More details can be found here:

Samsung Exynos 9820 chip

Exynos 9820 is the latest chipset from Samsung. The top processor might be used in the Galaxy S10 and promises many things. More compact, features fast LTE, faster memory access, and 8K video.

Update from 12 November 2018

The new concept shows the Galaxy S10 and One UI

There is something to watch again. For once again, Leaker Ben Geskin gave us new drawing material. Images posted on Twitter provide an idea of ​​what the Galaxy S10's infinity display and the new One UI interface might look like.

Update from 02 November 2018

New rendering image: That's what the Galaxy S10 looks like

He could not refuse: Again, the leak expert, Ben Geskin, showed a realistic and realistic interpretation of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which might be presented next year at the MWC in Barcelona. In his latest tweet, Geskin, shows what will look like Samsung's new flagship if all the rumors at this time are true: So it's located in the middle of the screen above the front camera – a solution that Samsung Notch can avoid. In addition, Samsung managed to offer more views this way – even though the chin and upper frame. The side edge also looks like it has never been bent before, with a thinner frame.

A good rendering, right? What will you change? Write in the comment.

Update from 28 October 2018

The new concept shows the Galaxy S10 on Android 9.0 Pie

After recently some new information about the upcoming Galaxy S10 series at the rumor factory made a round, now following a visual representation. Designer and leak expert Ben Geskin has taken the latest rumors and then created the concept for the upcoming Galaxy S10. Here he is mainly assuming a very high screen-to-body ratio of 93.4 percent. The model is shown here with very thin edges. In addition, the edges are also clearly visible here.

The new concept for the Galaxy S10 also shows how the solution can be seen with the front camera placed below the screen. Similar designs have shown the previous concept where the front lens is only surrounded by a display. In addition, Ben Geskin also showed three cameras expected on the back. The lenses are arranged horizontally next to each other in this concept, where the center lens is slightly enlarged.

Next it disappears behind every trace of the fingerprint sensor, because it is still visible on the Galaxy S9. This should, as said, sit on the Galaxy S10 below the screen. Finally, the Ben Geskin concept also shows the user interface under Android 9.0 Pie. However, because this is just a rumor-based concept, it doesn't have to mean that we see the upcoming Galaxy S10 design here. Besides that, people have to arrange the final design on Samsung only in November.

Update starting October 26, 2018

Screen-to-body ratio of 93.4 percent: The Galaxy S10 may be almost borderless

In a rather broad report from telephone area quote internal contacts Bloomberg Now, some new details about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 series have been revealed. So once again three models are mentioned here – two of them with rounded edges and a flat-looking model. The entire Galaxy S10 series must be equipped with a front camera, which should be visible, but may be below the screen. So Samsung wants to create a minimal margin around the screen and thus even achieve a screen-to-body ratio that is estimated at 93.4 percent, like AllAboutSamsung reported. In comparison, the Galaxy S9 comes with a 83.6 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Galaxy S9: Samsung S-Class ninth in the test

Even what might be built inside the Exynos 9820 is mentioned again. Even more interesting is the detail that this might be the "biggest" model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series with a 4,000 mAh battery. The predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S9 +, relatively "only" has a 3,500 mAh battery.

In addition, the final design of the new Samsung flagship series is scheduled for November. The three models of the Galaxy S10 series are expected to be introduced around MWC in February. It is also conceivable that Samsung uses the exhibition in Barcelona as an opportunity to present the latest smartphone there. However, there is no clear or official information on this matter.

Update from September 13, 2018

D.J. Koh: Significant changes in appearance

The fact that Samsung with the Galaxy S10 and the new Galaxy S10 + is really in plaster, at least now is considered safe. Because none other than Samsung's famous mobile boss, D.J. Koh, has now been confirmed in a small round to Chinese media representatives that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will appear with significant design changes compared to the previous series. This is not typical: The group is revising its Galaxy series design every two years. The last major change came with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + in a borderless and infinite screen design. With the Galaxy S10, Samsung might once again make far-reaching changes.

Here, the focus can be especially on the camera system. Because like rumors of factory rumors, the Galaxy S10 must come with at least three camera lenses. In addition, the fingerprint sensor below the screen is speculated and three are not two devices in the new Galaxy S series. One must, like Apple with the iPhone Xr, is significantly cheaper than high-end devices. Thus, more and more manufacturers of smart phones with entry-level, middle-class, upper-class, and upper-class classes serve four of the three categories and price categories. Recently, Apple has attracted attention with a record price of € 1,649 for the iPhone Xs Max (512 GB).

Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max: Bigger, faster, dual SIM

Update starting August 22, 2018

These favorite colors will return with the Galaxy S10

Now the excitement about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has begun to stabilize, it's time to go back to the next device. Like the Galaxy S10. The next seed will be in the initial block in 2019, making it the tenth of the Galaxy series – a birthday smartphone. The hopes are higher. According to new rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S10 must also generate some favorite colors.

It's been announced a few months ago that behind the "Beyond" the new Samsung ship had to hide. Leak expert China Ice Universe has tweeted some of the upcoming colors from the Galaxy S10 to codename. So it should appear in black, white, green, silver and pink. As such, there is no trace of color at this time the Note 9 or its predecessor the Galaxy S9. Although that also means that we cannot expect new copper tones here, but other fan favorites can appear again. Already in 2015, there was a green version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, while silver and pink were on the Galaxy S8 Duo.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in emerald green
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in emerald green

It seems still too early to be able to say exactly where the color of the Galaxy S10 will come. However, we remain open to all the upcoming rumors about Samsung flagship and keep you up to date here.

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