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FIFA 20 in the test – played offside?

FIFA football simulations have been a part of living room equipment since the early 90s. Every year a new part of the soccer match series appears. FIFA 20 tries to maintain its old charm while introducing new features. So we play not only in a big stadium, but thanks to Volta in a small backyard, or dirty warehouse. Here you will try to combine the feelings of classic FIFA with FIFA Street which is popular but has long been abandoned. But is this enough to improve the annual game?

Alex Hunter is the first history. Who doesn't know who Alex Hunter is, doesn't play the story mode in his two predecessors. But that's half bad, because in FIFA 20 you are a new soccer star, who is making its way to fame. But you don't have the big stadium you want, but fast street soccer matches.

What can Volta do in FIFA 20?

Here, EA has listened to its players and revived the long-awaited FIFA Street. On FIFA 20, this is called Volta. Your specially designed character is fully staged here. You are not only allowed to determine the appearance, but also your gender. For the first time you can fully enjoy the fashion story as a female player. Although the plot is not too surprising (winning the Street World Cup), the staging of this story is carried out quite well. Even if the coolness factor usually looks like a street gang from a bad movie.


But about seven hours of game time allows you to immerse yourself in the scene and be happy to do many things right. We leave the well-maintained lawn behind us and travel to the major cities of the world. In clean places and well-maintained halls, but also in dirty backyards, we compete with each other here in small teams. We play in FIFA 20's Volta in 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or 5 vs 5 teams. Outside gangs can be played directly or goalkeepers are left depending on the mode. This creates a good blend of exclusive FIFA Street console and FIFA 98 hall mode.

Fast passes are alpha and omega

Volta in FIFA 20 plays quite fast and fun. Shorter matches, fewer players and faster speed. Direct short passes in combination with good positioning play are the keys to success. But even the opponent knows his chances of being used. Realism is defeated, because the players react faster and endurance is not a problem in this mode. But this reduction is for pleasure and brings pleasant change.

After we win the game, we can accept players from the opposing team and improve. The other 20 FIFA players' creations are placed randomly on the opposing team. However, why one of the main characters of this story, our goalkeeper, appeared in almost every opposing team at the same time, is still not quite understood. Maybe these are all twin brothers.

There is almost no change in the FIFA 20 career

If you are bored with street soccer, you can also switch to career mode. He has received an enhanced character editor that will allow you to create your own coach or player in more detail. The first can now, similar to the last story "Travel", give an interview. By doing that, you can influence the morale of your team, for example, by evaluating their performance. It's funny at first, but monotonous in the long run.


It also seems strange that your character answers, so his mouth moves clearly, but has no voice. Text translation announced. Here you can definitely improve.

Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs in Career mode. So the opposing team does not regulate their best players, who stand out in a team like Manchester United. You are more likely to win the match, but without a top launch like Pogba, you will lose your breath. FIFA 20 World Champion was suddenly relegated.

Ultimate Team

Perhaps the most important mode for players, but also for EA Sports, is probably the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. While EA is a real gold mine for EA, players like the trading card system with all the pros and cons. Because despite the Pay2Win system, fashion enjoys huge popularity.


At FUT 20 we gathered our own team again. We get card packages, or in-game currency, in matches and challenges. As in every collecting game, we want to get the best and rarest cards. This represents the current top soccer player.

New is the FUT 20 season. This is a temporary challenge. This allows us to open bonuses which makes it easier for us to get cards. This addiction is fostered by events that provide you with special cards such as special jerseys. Among other things, menu navigation has been improved. You can now move faster to the Transfermarkt, team and club overview.

If you want to compete with friends, you can now let your team compete with each other in friendly matches. This has no effect on the statistics, or the player's value. You can also adjust the rules of the match individually.

FIFA 20, how?

If you know FIFA 20's predecessors, you will soon find your way in the match. Many small things have changed, but nothing dramatic. So the sides lead again to more goals and penalties are also adapted from the last positive control. However, AI colleagues themselves held back a little. So, you often have to control yourself to release the ball faster than your opponent.

What we cannot control and don't want, of course, are the two hosts Wolf Fuß and Frank Buschmann. They do a perfect job of commenting on the players and gameplay, making the match as real as on TV. Only in Volta mode you miss them a little.

FIFA 20 offers a mode suitable for each type of player. Whether offline in a single match, or online against other capable players, everyone will find something. Volta brings a lot of fun, thanks to fast matches. However, FIFA seems to be losing more and more in certain monotony, which may blame the annual release. Many changes can be adjusted with updates too. But fans remain loyal to the game series.


FIFA 20 in the test – played offside?


FIFA 20 presents variations, especially with Volta variations again at play. A fast and busy match makes a lot of fun and shows what football is like in a big stadium. Although this brought some points of sympathy, the sporting match fought with an emerging monotony.
So next to Volta almost nothing surprising happens. The improvement is minimal, though good, but can also be included in its predecessor by an update.
Even though FUT enjoys many players, one cannot ignore the Pay2Win aspect here. Although FIFA 20 carries a slight variation, that might not be enough for a full price game. Too little can improve the main game, even if Volta is fully successful.

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Impressive stadium atmosphere

Good commentator

Volta is fun

Addictive FUT

Feel TV


FUT with Pay2Win

Monotonous gradually through annual releases

The cool factor is too high in Volta Story

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