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Eintracht Frankfurt Direct: Eintracht leads – St. Pauli pushed for an equalizer

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Eintracht Frankfurt will face FC St. Pauli in the DFB Cup. We report in the game's live ticker.

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82nd minute: St. Pauli tries everything now and goes on. Eintracht cannot manage to fight the second division, because every ball won directly ends with the opponent. Very weak idea in the second round.

80 minutes: This will be a difficult end for Eintracht. St. Pauli changed again offensively.

75th minute: We repeat: There is no organized game structure at Eintracht Frankfurt. There was no single chance to score in the second half, only the host played.

71st minute: Class differences can no longer be recognized. And if so, you will use St. Pauli as a team that kicks in the upper house.

67th minute: As soon as an Eintracht player conquers the ball, he leaves immediately. St. Pauli felt the opportunity and is now in a much better team move.

65th minute: Hasebe's catastrophic failure in midfield, which almost equaled Hamburg's results. Eintracht is now just a spectator.

62nd minute: The Hessian has lost its debt. It makes the host stronger. St. Pauli attacks early and develops opportunities. The Hessians did not carry out clean counter-attacks and the defense was increasingly under pressure.

58th minute: St. Pauli is now pushing. Eintracht Frankfurt is not as safe as in the first round. Nothing moves forward now.

51 minutes: Shocking moment for harmony. After the duel, Danny da Costa remained and held his knee. He can continue playing after a short treatment.

48th minute: David Abraham replaces Martin Hinteregger at left center back. The Austrian may have to survive, also biased in yellow. For the weak, Chandler comes Danny da Costa. Erik Durm moves left when Costa takes over the right wing.

Second round kick-off: Da Costa and Abraham came for Hinteregger and Chandler.

Half time: Eintracht Frankfurt leads first on St. Pauli and can even refill with Dost's second goal. After that, Hesse dominated the game, but conceded just before the break with a penalty. Eintracht is a far better team, but its superiority cannot translate into more goals. In the second half this could be a hot match. However, St. Pauli hasn't given up yet. Eintracht despite his very high leadership, which sometimes causes gaps in defense. The goal is actually very excessive. The Adi Hütter team has weaknesses on the left side, where Chandler didn't get into the game at all.

44th minute: That gave Kiez kicker encouragement. The problem is far from over.

42nd minute. Connection. Hinteregger gets from 20 cm the ball to the hand. Penalty, who's sitting. And yellow against Hinteregger even more. Difficult decision, especially the yellow card. The intention was not there to be recognized.

40th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt dominates space in midfield. It looks sovereign, but the Adi Hütter team doesn't have many opportunities. St. Pauli tried repeatedly with a quick counterattack.

36th minute: Johannes Flum crosses into the penalty area – no problem for Rönnow.

31 minutes: Eintracht Frankfurt brings peace into the game now. The host is not as aggressive as in the beginning of the match.

29 minutes: Three Eintracht chains stand behind very wide. From the central field Fernandes retreated again and again to support Hasebe at headquarters. Hinteregger is clearly more offensive than Ndicka on the right. Durm is also better in the game than his colleague Chandler, who has so far been barely in the game.

24th minute: Luck for harmony. Host with post shots. Rönnow will be helpless.

19 minutes: Addendum: Dost's permission came from Dominik Kohr, who saw beautifully how the Dutchman began.

16th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt is now trying to control the game again. Because it's 2: 0! Again Bas Dost after a good pass from midfield. The Dutchman was sent to the interface and overcame Müller.

12th minute: St. Pauli is better in the game now. The hosts looked surprised by the initial pause, now they are very depressed. On the right side of the wing Eintracht comes again and again in front of Rönnows Kasten.

9th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt controls the game but must watch out for a counterattack. Ndicka clears a corner, but does not bring anything.

6th minute: Beginning to measure for Hesse. Early leadership must provide security.

4th minute: Crossing from the right from Hinteregger, Bas Dost gets up and hits his head. Harmony leads.

20.45 hours: The ball is rolling. Kick-off in Hamburg.

FC St. Pauli – Eintracht Frankfurt, Wednesday, 8:45 p.m. 1: 2 (- 🙂

Expected installation
FC St. Pauli

Müller, Kalla, Ostigard, Buballa, Ohlsson, Flum, Knoll, Penney, Moller Daehli, Gyoker, Sobota

The composition of Eintracht Frankfurt players

Rönnow – Hinteregger, Hasebe, NDicka – Kohr, Rode – Durm, Chandler – Fernandes – Dost, Kamada


0: 1 Dost, 0: 2 Dost, 1: 2 Sobota


Matthias Jöllenbeck

20.40 hours: The host is the winner in the last match of the two teams. St. Pauli defeated Eintracht in December 2011 2-0. There is already: Sebastian Rode.

8:30 pm: Hopefully there is nothing serious about Kostic. External trackers are difficult to replace on Eintracht. Prolonged failure will be almost tragic for Hesse.

20:05: Eintracht announced that Filip Kostic had "failed because of a knee problem".

8 nights: We moved briefly to Wolfsburg, where the host threatened to slap de Luxe. After 70 minutes, Leipzig leads with 5: 0!

19.55: The lineup is here. Kostic is gone, Dost is a storm. Trainer Hütter is strong. David Abraham sat on the bench, for him Evan Ndicka entered the starting lineup.

19:20: First round prelude version in Twitter style: #WOBRBL 0: 1 #FCKFCN 1: 1 #SVWFCH 4: 1 #SCVKSV 1: 1

18.44 hours: Leipzig meets for 1: 0 in Wolfsburg. Boiling emotions. Meanwhile, on bets removed: Nuremberg equalizes.

18.40 hours: Introduction is already running. At Kaiserslautern, the host was led by Schwalbenelfer against Nuremberg at 1: 0, and a few miles farther north, Bremen followed. Without swallowing. For that with 2: 0 against Heidenheim.

6:30 pm: Boll roll! Not in Hamburg yet. Because, among other things, the traditional derby of VfL Wolfsburg against Rasenballsport Leipzig. About interesting weather.

6 pm:

Only an agency message came in, calling the sensation of the greatest trophy from the past again in memory. Including the 2000/01 season: amateur VfB Stuttgart – Eintracht Frankfurt 6: 1. We consider this a positive sign. St. Pauli always played a higher class of VfB amateurs at the time.

17:20: That is interesting. Even more than three hours until kickoff. What do you do in such situations? You turn to the weather. Today is cold when Eintracht is playing. The temperature does not rise more than five degrees, it can even be cooler when it starts. Of course only those who are interested in Millerntor will be interested. But now it has just been said – and the atmosphere must be "heated" in the north.

Update, 12:15: Who will go for the goalkeeper for Eintracht tonight? Andre Silva is clearly not available, and even the use of Bas Dost from the start seems impossible. So there are many who suggest that Daichi Kamada and Goncalo Paciencia will re-form the duo in the attack. The fact that Japan only met once in the first round of the trophy at Waldhof Mannheim is not a problem for coach Hütter: "Someday the button will explode." Maybe tonight on St. Pauli.

Update, 10:55 a.m.: Cup win at FC St. Pauli will of course also be a good birthday present for all those born on October 30 – like Fredi Bobic, for example. The sporting director of Eintracht, born in 1971 in Maribor, celebrates his 48th birthday today.

Update, 10/30, 9:15 am: Eintracht Frankfurt expects a hot background in the trophy match at FC St. Pauli. Because it is too well known that Millerntor, home of the Paulians, developed a very special effect, especially at night matches.

But not everything is going according to the current plan. Now coach Jos Luhukay has once again dissected his own club. The 56-year-old was appointed after the defeat at Heidenheim for public statements and nailed his team to the wall.

Even so, harmony should not be taken lightly by opponents. Who knows better than Alex Meier? The God of Football in Frankfurt, the penultimate round at St. Pauli was active, in any case reprimanding the words to Hesse: "At Millerntor much is possible."

Initial report: Eintracht Frankfurt meets in the DFB Cup on FC. St. Pauli

"Weeks of English" continues for SBU. Almost a week goes by without Eintracht having to play a week's game. After that against Standard Liege last week in the Europa League, now the DFB Cup is active. Eintracht has obtained FC St. Pauli zugelost and must travel to Hamburg.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Opposite St. Pauli is close to the relegation zone

FC St. Pauli has so far played in the mixed season in the 2nd Bundesliga. At present, coach Jos Luhukay's team is in twelfth place, with 13 points on the credit side. Until VfL Bochum, who was in 16th position and thus held the place of relegation, there were only four counters.

Hamburg started well this season and could even decide the derby against HSV with 2: 0 for themselves. For three matches, the team is waiting for victory. On the weekend "Kiez-Kicker" defeated 0: 1 at 1. FC Heidenheim. Coach Luhukay then sharply criticized his team. He accused the players that the quality of the absolute winner was absent, as the "picture" reported. But Pauli wants to make a surprise against Eintracht and move to the next round of the DFB Cup.

Eintracht Frankfurt: defeat at Borussia Mönchengladbach

Eintracht Frankfurt lost the Bundesliga match at Borussia Mönchengladbach by 2: 4. SGE showed a weak performance in the first round. In the first half, two Adi Hütter teams tried to turn things around, but the hosts were too effective.

Defeat at Mönchengladbach: Eintracht Frankfurt players in individual reviews

Missing at Eintracht mainly two strikers Bas Dost and Andre Silva, who were missing in Mönchengladbach injured. Whether that will be enough for the DFB Cup assignment will probably be decided in a short time. Dost is suffering from problems with the adductor, Andre Silva is struggling with pain in the Achilles tendon.


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