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"Don Quixote" as a play at the Bregenz Festival

The Bregenz Festival once again adds the game to the program. After the house opera "Don Quixote" was shown on Thursday, followed on Saturday the premiere of the drama version of Jakob Nolte "Don Quixote" at the Theater am Kornmarkt. The first audience was very enthusiastic about the performance of Jan Bose.

Don Quixote from La Mancha has made his mission to defend fellow human beings from evil. He saw himself as a hero, but usually suffered brutal defeat, which is why he received his nickname: The Knight of the sad formed. He is a world famous fighter against windmills and in Bregenz he also fights against fog machines. Don Quixote and his aide Sancho Panza emerged from thick fog and this was also throughout the performance of the story – he was nebulized in a figurative sense, almost sensing the main character.

Director Jan Bosse is known as a great story narrator. In Don Quixote he led two players physically to the limit. Above all, Wolfram Koch as Sancho Panza was very challenged. On the one hand, he wore an artificial belly and a dress with lots of things, which he collected in his pants. You can say from time to time that he has to drag him pretty well. On the other hand, he drew repetitive stage designs – the designer set Stéphane Laimé made large wooden boxes representing different places and offered different levels of play. Don Quixote as a street film, which is a quasi story from the box.

Wolfram Koch didn't play Sancho Panza stupidly, but was friendly and always tried to serve the knight well and take him step by step towards reality. Most importantly, the final scene makes it clear how much friendship and closeness has developed among men during a joint trip.

Opposite him, Ulrich Matthes gave Don Quixote who was sensitive and wise. Dedicated he is looking for a hero. He seems rather unrelated to reality, but quite trustworthy. Ulrich Matthes and Wolfram Koch – two great German theater scenes form a perfect duo and with lots of fun in that, the drama also offers plenty of space for their comedy talents. Also striking is a different level of narrative, which also allows characters to get out of the story and to reflect on their character or the work itself or to discuss.

The only minor criticism that night was the length. Some punches, especially in the first half, will do a pretty good job. It did not stop the audience giving awards to two actors and the production team with a lot of applause. In Bregenz "Don Quixote" will be shown twice, the Berlin premiere will be on October 12.

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