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BVT boss Gridling with sweeping attacks on the U « committee

After being rehabilitated by the judiciary, Peter Gridling, head of BVT, seemed to collapse. On this day's appearance on the Committee the Investigation of affairs in his office rode a otherwise rather deliberate head from the attack of the authorities against the prosecutor, the Interior secretary general and the charges against him emerged as witnesses.

12:30 pm, 07. November 2018


However, Gridling refused to shock the work of his Federal Office: "There is no BAT scandal and there are no scandals in BVT." What is, is the initial process of individual employees. He praised his subordinates for not letting their heads fall and continuing to do their jobs well. Blocking international relations can be prevented by visiting and discussing diplomacy.

Gridling, which has since been suspended for two months and to whom the investigation has recently been closed, sees itself as a victim. Meanwhile, he was able to understand Josef K.'s feelings in "The Trial". Franz Kafka's famous novel represents the impotence of citizens towards authority.

Attacked directly by BVT boss Peter Goldgruber, secretary general of the Ministry of the Interior, which he at least handled as an indirect threat. So Goldgruber had told him when he wanted to talk to him about the allegations against the Federal Office: "Watch what they say to me, not that I have to testify against you, as I did." Goldgruber has also given him the understanding that he will not be reappointed and at least will run out of function as a specialist referee.

Not less angry is Gridling through the Office of the Prosecutor's Economy and Corruption. With a little attention from searching for a house this can be avoided. Because the quality of the testimony must be said given the appearance of the Quartet before the Investigation Committee was no more than that, the Director General played an inconclusive statement from at least three of the four witnesses. Gridling also disliked that during his interrogation in the public prosecutor's office Udo Lett, Goldgruber's closest colleague, sat in the front room.

Gridling is acidic on the main cargo witness, former head of the department. Because actually this will be responsible for the deletion of data that he has investigated. After all, W. doesn't like to follow official routes.

The Director of the Federal Office Peter Gridling confirmed at least indirectly that BVT had suffered damage as a result of the affair with partner services: "Critical questions abroad have not disappeared." Gridling has confirmed that Secretary General Peter Goldgruber has asked the secret investigator.

Of course, there is irritation in partner services, this collaboration is based on trust: "I have to deal with this to this day." It was clarified by Gridling that Austria again participated fully in the "Berner Club", an international intelligence services association, in October (after a brief "voluntary" resignation). Commenting on a statement by him that the exception of BVT from this group was threatened, the BVT boss did not want to say anything at the public-media meeting.

There was speculation that despite the suspension, Gridling had attended the "Berne Club" meeting in Helsinki in April. This was rejected by him. He was in Finland at the time, but together with his wife for personal reasons.

In the interrogation by the MEP, durchgkautes continued with the Goldgruber topic, namely the question of whether BVT was informed about the use of secret investigators in the right wing area and had received an investigation in this scene. Goldgruber denied that at first, then relativism that he could not remember.

Gridling could remember that such a request had come to "irritate" him. Because in fact the Secretariat General means that when taking office, such information to investigate on the right wing does not want to accept, so as not to suspect that they want to use something politically. In the end, BAT had decided to give the Secretary-General only limited information. Because he has signed a code of ethics, official confidentiality also applies to colleagues who have nothing to do with official action.

He had told Goldgruber verbally to the extent that it seemed acceptable, Gridling said. He did not want to answer secret inquiry questions because he would endanger BVT staff. A secret investigator could in his flight case "threaten everything to death," Gridling said. He has referred to Goldgruber this situation, who then repeats the question.

Incidentally, Gridling was initially not present during the attack at the Federal Office. The reason: He was asked by Goldgruber to the Interior Ministry, where he was told he would be accused. At a later meeting, the Secretary General then told him that he would not be extended as Head of Government and offered him a face-saving solution, which he, however, resigned.

One reason for the search, according to the prosecutor, was that data on data outages were feared. Public cancellations are not possible at home, Gridling said now. You can delete it from the BMI cellphone only, which is about the case when the phone is lost. With regard to witness H., who had spoken inconclusively to the committee about the possibility of a far-reaching extinction, the head of BOD stated that he had been responsible for both IT and cellular phones.

That humanity is in all matters, Gridlings's statement to Hauptbelastungszeugen W. From this he is "a little disappointed in humans" because subjectively he has the impression of a friendly relationship. In fact, W. may be disappointed because his career plan is not fulfilled below him. The question is whether there is revanchism in the W section, firmly Gridling.

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