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Bundesliga: WAC accepts at Schlager Salzburg

"They play great football," Marsch said before his team's fourth away match. "I expect a good game, very interesting and very intense, because WAC is very strong in Gegenpressing. But our children are aware of it." Having two days of regeneration more than your opponents can be an advantage, because WAC has played a lot game with the same lineup, and they play very intensively. "

At Lavanttal-Arena come to the duel of two league peat mills. Salzburg holds 53, WAC 34 hits. In addition, the top scorers on the Patson Daka scorers list, Erling Haaland (both Salzburg) and Shon Weismann (WAC), who have all scored twelve goals each, are in a fight. "We need discipline in the field. Everyone needs to be very concentrated, especially defensive ones. And we also need a little aggressiveness," Marsch said.

Tipico Bundesliga, round 14

Starting at 17:00:

WAC – Salzburg

Lavanttal Arena, SR Altmann

Possible constellations:

WAC: Kofler – Novak, Sollbauer, Rnic, Schmitz – Schmid, M. Leitgeb, Ritzmaier – Liendl – Weissman, A. Schmidt

Salzburg: Koronel – Kristensen, Ramalho, Pongracic, Ulm – Minamino, Mwepu, Junuzovic, Ashimeru – Hwang, Haaland

WAC requires "mental freshness"

WAC had to digest a 3-0 home defeat by Istanbul Basaksehir. "We need to realign ourselves because it is important to bring spiritual refreshment," Struber said. And even if the troops "don't have breadth and density", everyone remains physically fit. On Sundays can still be played in one or several positions. "I believe my sons, who are on the bench against Istanbul, that they can give."

The match against Salzburg will be a "very different match" from the match against Turkey. "We know much more clearly what is expected, how they act," Struber said. Compared to the first season's duel (2: 5) his team became stronger. "We have increased ownership, become more economical, but at the same time are still strong in the back pressure."

Respecting the guests is of course extraordinary. "An opponent who can individually manage a lot and with Haaland has a player who is above all else," Struber said. "Bull" defense is not a flawless exhibit. "You have had one or several carelessness in your defensive organization lately. We have to provoke it," demanded 42 years.

LASK before the victory must fight against Admira

With the biggest confidence from the three Austrian European Cup Fighters, LASK entered the 14th round. After a 4: 1 home win over PSV Eindhoven, Linz is in a duel with a Bundesliga tail ball, Flyeralarm Admira before a mandatory victory. "Most importantly, we must regenerate, gather all strength for Sunday and once again knock everything down to win again at home in front of our fans," said coach Valerien Ismael.

Tipico Bundesliga, round 14

Starting at 14:30:

LASK – Admira

Raiffeisen Arena, SR Weinberger

Possible constellations:

Lask: A. Schlager – Wiesinger, Trauner, Filipovic – Ranftl, Netherlands, Michorl, Renner – Goiginger, Klauss, Tetteh

Admira: Leitner – Menig, Schösswendter, Aiwu, Lukacevic – Lackner, Toth – Maier, Kerschbaum, Pusch – Bakis

The only three points behind unbeaten defending champions, deputy champion Salzburg, have won all of their last five league games. The big goal now is to go with success number six in the coming international break. "I hope the team can be confident for the final block in the fall," said successful coach Ismael, whose team won the last five duels against Admira.

Admira needs "star days"

However, Südstädter noted after the change to Klaus Schmidt, who had replaced Reiner Geyer in early September, booming and taking under Neo Coach eight of his nine points. Most recently, it was a 0-1 defeat at home against Hartberg. And now with LASK heavier piece waiting. "LASK is a different house number, so we need star days, if we want to take something that can be calculated," Schmidt said.

The Styrian looked impressed by the European League match on Thursday. "It was a great match where you clearly saw the strength of the team. Once they were released, then went there, and Eindhoven also played them with that idea," Schmidt said.

Austria only helped victory

Austria meanwhile will only have full success at home games against Mattersburg playing in misery currently on the cards. After just one point in the last three rounds, hopes to reach the championship group are running low. "Every week there is an opportunity to make a turnaround. The idea is to get into the game to direct it in a positive direction," said Austrian captain Alexander Grünwald and thus set the direction.

Already eight points behind Austria who finished seventh in Graz's sixth storm, three ahead, only at the last Admira. The relegation battle seems to be closer than that to place at the top of the table. Mattersburg can leave Austria with a victory at Generali Arena. However, table ten also looks back at feeling unsuccessful. The last 0: 3 against Salzburg is the fourth successive defeat.

Tipico Bundesliga, round 14

Starting at 14:30:

Austria – Mattersburg

Generali Arena, SR Muckenhammer

Possible constellations:

Austria: Lucic – Palmer-Brown, Madl, Borkovic – Small, Serbest, Jeggo, Martschinko – Grünwald – Sax, Monschein

Mattersburg: Casali – Höller, Malic, Rath, Lercher – Jano – Salomon, Erhardt, Kuen, Halper – residents

Open letter for Austrian fans

Against Burgenlaender Austria must avoid defeat so as not to make the atmosphere more bleak. Presidencies around President Frank Hensel handed open letters to fans, asking to stand together. Speaking indirectly, the final incident came at Pasching, when Austrian supporters with the use of pyrotechnics forced game interruption. Austria announces crackdown on the perpetrators.

An open letter states that the association sees it as "a commitment to DNA itself to turn around before – examples of warnings must be known – if the level is too late." But the hand remains outstretched: "Our desire for dialogue remains great and opportunities to connect with those responsible are growing."

Ilzer sees "a stable overall situation"

Coach Christian Ilzer is also not easy to stand with followers. Taken as a bearer of hope, Styrian has worked for months for the right mix and play equipment of his team. Ilzer reports the progress he sees in daily training. "The overall situation has stabilized. Not much can be seen from the outside, but the feeling is there," the coach said. However, it is also a fact that there is no success.

5: 1 for Austria ending the first season duel at the Poplar Stadium, Christoph Monschein met three times for Vienna. On Sunday, Mattersburg wants to reply more. Coach Franz Ponweiser expects "absolute cuts. The pressure is enormous on both sides." Ponweiser explained that he had set his team specifically on the opponent's playing style. "Austria has recently shown where it is vulnerable," coach Mattersburg said.

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