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from Norbert Rätz
The Blizzcon 2018 is likely to go down as the most disgusting in Blizzard's history, because the announcement of the next Diablo title goes so far from the target, that the next Shitstorm is incomparable. Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel community manager now promises that the team will criticize and take a position on it. This is the news.

This year Blizzcon could be a party for Diablo fans, but it wasn't meant for this time either. Even though it was only Blizzard's in-house twelfth show, it didn't escape the devil's notice that we were in thirteenth year after the first Blizzcon in 2005. And the corpse was then slammed mercilessly, as we have reported several times in a few days last one. On the other hand, here too the Low German proverb "Wat den Eenen sin Uhl, the Annern sin Nachtigall" applies. The mobile community will definitely receive the announcement of Diablo Immortal.

The reason for the failure of PR is not because the cellphone title in the Diablo universe was announced, but because there is nothing else coming for a much larger PC community. Already run-up to Blizzard's gamecom this year has triggered rumors of the successor of Diablo 3 by smartly placed video messages and thus raised very high expectations. Even though it was warned just before the fair, it wasn't too much, but right now, most Blizzcon tickets and live streaming tickets for the man / woman were taken. Anyone who has been encouraged to buy in anticipation of the great Diablo News should be very angry because there are no more Diablo novels beside Immortal.

The Shitstorm that follows is probably the biggest Blizzard ever experienced. Instead of giving up, various questionable actions such as repeating Youtube Diablo Immortal videos that were downloaded very poorly or eliminating legitimate criticism made the situation worse. Now back at Blizzard's headquarters, Brandy community manager "Nevalistis" Camel now promises that the team will pay attention to feedback from the past few days and comment on it immediately.

What we hear is open. A hint that might be a "nugget" that "Nevalistis" has fallen on Blizzcon's livestream from "Rhykker": "I can say so much that next season (2019) will be a lot for Diablo 3. And we have more later that we want share with you. "With speculation, we were very careful after Blizzcon, but in terms of words it could be the next big announcement around Diablo 3, like the second DLC package.

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