Bayern Munich: Kahn and Salihamidzic joke about Bayern Post – Bundesliga


Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic (42) and Oliver Kahn (49) together at the television studio – it can be a difficult moment.

But his two former teammates only laughed at the question about the possibility of Kahn's board of directors!

Here's the funny talk of a former teammate to read:

After Bayern's 3-1 victory, Salihamdzic came to the ZDF studio. There, moderator Jochen Breyer (36) and expert Kahn have analyzed the game. The meeting was only a few days after Salihamdzic at SPORT BILD in Kahn's dormitory when the Bavarian sporting director said: "I will accept another sporting director."

After about five minutes of conversation, Breyer asked: "Can you imagine working under CEO Oliver Kahn?"

Salihamdzic grinned: "We won the Champions League together in the jersey." Both giggled. Kahn: "You also play under me as captain."

"Eight," Sailhamidzic said and the two continued to laugh, "I have no problem. He should not be a sporting director, so that was not a problem. The president explained that too. If so, then he became CEO (ie Board Chair, editor). that's what I can say. "

Then, the Bosnian coach added: "I want to win with him again in the Champions League."

Kahn avoided the subject: "I don't know what happened to the discussion. They were not led by me. I haven't said anything about this problem to this day."

Breyer mentioned that the current boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (63) had a contract until 2021. "Olli, have you kept yourself warm for so long?"

Kahn: "I don't even know if anyone here stays warm. I took the discussion and never joined."

Salihamidzic came in: "I do not want to say anything to Olli. I am only in a position, discussion …"

Kahn smiled and asked: "Ah yes?"

Salihamidzic had to laugh again: "We understand each other well. I like that."

Breyer concluded: "They will accept him as Director of Sports and he has to work for ZDF for many more years."

Whether that happens is far from clear. And both of them don't need to discuss this topic one last time.


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