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BAT Affair: Ammon Demands Suspension of Goldgruber

BAT Affair: Ammon Demands Suspension of Goldgruber

VIENNA. There was "certain expectation pressure" before the attack, Justice Minister Moser told the inquiry committee.

On Tuesday, VP faction leader Werner Amon "from Koalitionsrson" on the BVT investigative committee did not heed critical questions to Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FP). Yesterday, the non-aggression pact was no longer in power. Amon urged Kickl to test the "temporary suspension" of Secretary General Peter Goldgruber.

Background: At the end of summer, Justice Minister Josef Moser (VP) commissioned Korneuburg prosecutors to investigate controversial search orders for secret services, including a history where Goldgruber was said to be a key player. Yesterday, Moser confirmed at the U-Committee that in the meantime, many notifications were received, especially for irregularities in the authorities. This also affected Minister Kickl, his cabinet staff member Udo Lett, BVT director Peter Gridling and corruption prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer.

Because there was clearly suspicion of Goldgruber and Lett, they were led as suspects. For both, the presumption of innocence applies. Amon recalls that at the beginning of the year after the BVT attack, Kickl temporarily suspended Gridling in a similar situation. For Amon it would be "inappropriate", for example, if a prosecutor had to seek police assistance in the investigation of the highest official in the Ministry of Interior's chain of command. At the ministry's office, they did not want to comment on Amon's claim.

Justice Minister Moser defended the U-committee of Schmudermayer's prosecutors' actions. The Regional High Court (OLG) in Vienna later confirmed that there was justified suspicion of BVT employees. However, Moser also came up with "certain expectations of pressure" coming from the Ministry of the Interior.

The testimony of IT experts, who according to him remotely eliminated intelligence data, might be very important for the attack, which was also said to be disproportionate by the High Court. A statement which was later proven wrong. Schmudermayer, who had made his third appearance on the BVT committee, often avoided the statement because he was being investigated for misuse of office and false evidence.

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