Apple is looking at Qualcomm's headquarters for new chip specialists


News & Rumors: November 16, 2018, Jonny Random

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Apple is currently looking for new employees to develop their own modems. Apparently, they specifically target specialists from unloved former Qualcomm partners. Encouragement must make sure there is a sour face.

Apple is looking for new professionals. They must strengthen their own team in the work on modem technology and further development of the Neural Engine. It was introduced on the iPhone X, dramatically improved in the current Bionic A12 and must play its strength, especially in the MachineLeanring process.

Apple is currently looking for Apple employees in the San Diego area.

Apple likes fishing in foreign pools

These tenders often follow certain strategies. The current job listing is located at Qualcomm's headquarters, this is not a separate case, as reported by business agency Bloomberg.

Apple also hired chip specialists in Portland, Oregon, Orlando, Florida, Austin, Texas, Israel and Munich. Intel and AMD processor plants are represented on a large scale at these locations and the German semiconductor specialist, Infineon AG, is located in Munich.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Qualcomm's main talent will be lost at Apple, but still possible.

However, relationships that have been greatly affected between Apple and Qualcomm should not be so relaxed.

Apple recently said that they are no longer interested in settlements outside the court and instead prepare for pending lawsuits.
Qualcomm, however, still wants to recover billions of payments for disputed licenses from Apple.

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