Wine Fans, Hacking Your Favorite Video Application Will Return As A Byte


the wine returns as a byte

If you have never forgotten the loss of Vine video hacking application, listen. A similar offer from one of its founders will be coming soon on a smartphone.

Vine founder Dom Hofmann said in a tweet on Thursday that his new video-recurring application would be called Byte and the plan will be aired in spring 2019.

Months after Vine was founded in 2012, Twitter entered to get it for the reported $ 30 million. Hoffman and his co-founders must think they will hit the jackpot with a deal – it must put a few dollars in their pocket and give the application a chance to grow – but five years later Twitter withdrew support for the application and it was closed.

His loyal Vine fans were left heartbroken, but then, at the end of 2017, Hofman offered them hope when he revealed that he planned to start working on Vine's follow-up. In May, however, he said he was delaying the project indefinitely because of "financial and legal barriers."

With news Thursday, it seems as if the obstacle has finally been overcome, with Hofmann and his team preparing a byte to be launched in the first half of 2019.

The Byte website describes an upcoming offer as "a new looping video application by Vine makers," so expect similar features but maybe with a few extra bells and whistles thrown.

When Vine debuted in 2012, creators and viewers were at first confused about how to get the best out of it. At first, a lot of content consisting of six-second clips was rather boring especially. But over time, more and more super creative minds began to see potential on the platform and began creating entertaining content that won more viewers.

Take the brilliant Zach King, whose incredible video tricks make millions of fans amazed and delighted. The video collection can still be enjoyed on the Vine archive site.

Whether the most popular Vine creators will return to Byte when launched next year remains to be seen. But if the application starts with a good start, it will certainly attract a lot of new talent to help make an application that the original version, which many people feel, will never disappear at first.


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