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The West Coast list ranked 11th best in the competition by Champion Data

As an official AFL data collector, Champion Data usually spewed out several spot-on analyzes.

But their ranking from the ruling prime minister has left many passengers confused.

In an article published by Herald Sun, league statisticians rank the strength of each club list in the 2019 season.

Melbourne is on top, with Adelaide and Richmond behind.

Elang came at No.11, and Fremantle (17) fared even worse, coming in front of only the Gold Coast.

The position of the Dockers might be understandable when you consider they are rebuilding – though how they are no better than at least Carlton is questionable – but after defeating 17 other teams to the trophy last season, the Eagles ranking is surprising.

The problem, according to Champion Data's analysis, lies in the midfield.

While West Coast's advanced (fifth) and defensive (eighth) depth are solid, their midfield units are ranked 15th in the competition.

Luke Shuey, Elliot Yeo, and Andrew Gaff only ranked 11-35 percent of midfielders in 2018, contributing to low scores across the board.

The results produce a predictable response:


1. Melbourne

2. Adelaide

3. Richmond

4. Essendon

5. Collingwood

6. Geelong

7. GWS

8. North Melbourne

9. Hawthorn

10. Brisbane

11. West Coast

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