The national transportation agency asked for road rules to be tightened around cellphones


Should the driver be able to touch a cellphone or smart watch when behind the wheel?

In Victoria the driver is currently allowed to do so, if the device is in a holder, mounted to the dashboard of the car.

Director of productivity, safety and environment, National Transportation Commission Mandy Mees told Tom Elliott that the commission was reviewing three road rules relating to driver interference.

"There is one that is called appropriate control, but this is very broad, it does not really tell the community what activities they can or cannot do to achieve appropriate control," he said.

"So it's rather ambiguous."

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"If the National Transportation Commission gets permission, a foldable telephone might be banned," Tom said.

"And that is something that will be faced by the taxi industry and Uber.

"I don't think they can function without a cellphone in the cradle."


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