The host today told Kyle and Jackie O: Scrutiny has been & # 39; painful & # 39;


Today's former host, Karl Stefanovic, appears to have had a thinly veiled excavation on his ninth former colleague in a text message broadcast this morning.

Today emcee Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight appeared on radio shows Kyle and Jackie O for long interviews, opening up about the "painful" surveillance they received during the "complicated" transition period.

Kyle Sandilands ended the interview by calling Stefanovic directly – a call sent to voicemail.

"That is a total screen," Knight said.

Sandilands told listeners that he had previously sent an SMS to Stefanovic suggesting he call during Knight and Gardner interviews.

"I wrote to him," We have two women who did it Today show, replace and ex your host, 'he said.

Stefanovic's response, according to Sandilands? He sent back photos of Freddy Krueger, a notorious defender from Nightmare on Elm Street film series.

Vague response – but a response that is difficult to interpret as flattering.

New look Today launched into a lot of hubbub – but bad ratings – last Monday, and the two women told Kyle and Jackie O they were still "finding their banter" together.

"(Two female hosts) is a new format for the Australian market, so this has received a lot of attention. But these are the best people for the job, regardless of your gender. We play with our strength – we are both very different people and we find our banter as a duo, "Knight said.

Gardner said that on their first day in the air he could feel "the weight of the surveillance".

"You can't hide on TV. Every look, every expression, each side's views are analyzed and scrutinized. By the way, the analysis is quite wrong, by the way," he said.

"Also, we were eliminated in the first half hour of the show. This comment comes through … Usually when you review a show, you wait until it's finished, "Knight said.

Talk to turn to ex Today Karl Stefanovic's host was dramatically kicked out of the show at the end of last year, following persistent rumors of bad blood between him and Gardner.

He denied knowing any "secret meeting" to get rid of his former host.

"There is no secret meeting. I really left the city and was greatly erased. Obviously I was involved and consulted to respect who would be Karl's successor. As you would expect, given the importance and position of the show, there was a lot of discussion and consultation. When they say that is Deb, I am just as happy as anyone, "he said.

December is dramatic Today The reshuffle saw Karl leave Today, his brother Peter left Nine completely after 15 years, the wife of Peter Sylvia Jeffreys left his role as a news reader Today, and veteran Richard Wilkins focuses again Extra today to give way to new ones Today entertainment reporter Brooke Boney.

Departure was announced sequentially – and Gardner looked emotional for a moment when asked about saying goodbye to so many of his opponents.

"Besides joking, it was a very difficult week. They are my colleagues and they were my team last year. It's a difficult transition, "he said.

Some viewers are not happy with churn, and leave it Today know – which Gardner and Knight then used as cattle feed to see their first week as host. Last Friday, the couple chuckled at their own expense when they read some of the more pointed audience feedback they received.

"Our feedback is welcomed, but there is a little negative feedback along the way. You have to laugh. Some of them are very funny … many of them are very painful, "Knight said.

"The wrinkled old witch needs Botox; that's what I got, & # 39; "recalled Gardner.

"There are also suggestions that Deb and I should talk about tampons – because when two women gather, that's all we talk about, right?"

Kylie and Jackie O even carried an elephant the size of Karl in the room, asking Knight if he heard from the man whose job he took.

"Yes, I have; he is my extraordinary partner. He prayed for the best for me, and I also did it for him," he said.

"I agree, he is in a good place. He sent me a beautiful message on the first day of the week, and I think the next chapter for him will be very interesting," Gardner said.

Stefanovic remains with Channel 9, where he will focus this year on his main performance This time next year.

The pair also spoke with Jase & PJ KIIS 101.1 this morning – and Gardner confirmed that he had been invited to the December wedding of Karl Karlanovic who was luxurious with designer Jasmine Yarbrough in Los Cabos, Mexico.

"Yes. Of course. (But) I have arranged to take my children on vacation. It cannot be in two places at once. I bought him a wedding gift, actually.

"I bought him a very good cheese knife."

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