The GoT director shed security & # 39; Gestapo-like & # 39;


Although fans want to know what happened in the last season of HBO's Game of Thrones, little is known.

According to one of the program directors, it was largely thanks to the security of the "Gestapo" set.

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David Nutter, who directed three of the last six episodes of the final season and worked on several episodes in the early years of the show before suffering a back injury which kept him away from season six and seven, opened for The Huffington Post about the security conditions of the last photo shoot.

"Well, sometimes there are paparazzi in extraordinary places – in construction buildings and all kinds of crazy places, to try to get a point of view of things," he said.

"They all, everywhere, try to find out what happened. But it's clearly a situation where no paper is set, (that is) the type of thing. (The production team) wants to make sure nobody knows what's going on, and they reach the ninth level, like they do in the show in general. They basically took it to the point where it was like the Gestapo. It's very difficult to get answers. "

Nutter even admitted that he had to direct a fake scene that was never intended to go to shows and purely for the purpose of disposing of candidates.

As a result of secrecy, Nutter was unable to provide much details about what was expected from the end of the show, which has captivated fans since the premiere in 2011. However, that does not mean he has no thoughts of ending, which he knows the details.

"What I do know is that David and Dan spent a lot of time telling the story in the right way, and the audience would be very satisfied. Not everyone will be satisfied, but I feel the audience will be satisfied with the direction of the series. "It fulfills all the buildings that are coming, I promise that," he said.

Game of Thrones back for the final season in April 2019.

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