Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Aussie price is high on Steam because of the price suggested by Valve


The price of Aussie Steam is now activated in the popular PC game market, and gamers find that the game suddenly loses more than usual.

According to sources with products on Steam, differences in prices can be linked to unfair prices suggested by Valve.

"I have noticed that prices for Australia are much higher than Canada or New Zealand even though they are pretty much in terms of dollar parity," the developer told Stevivor.

"The way it works is that you set prices in USD and Steam automatically gives them prices in other currencies. You can change it manually, but I don't, "the source continued. "There will be a sudden price increase for Steam Australia customers … unless the developer manually changes the price."

For example, one source title, a game listed at $ 9.99 USD, is automatically recommended for sale at $ 11.49 CAD, $ 14.50 AUD, and $ 12.39 NZD. At the time of writing, $ 1 Australian dollars is equivalent to $ 0.96 Canadian dollars and $ 1.06 New Zealand dollars.

In short, now it sucks to be an Australian.

Kotaku noted that several triple-A titles were launched at relatively competitive Aussie prices, but those prices have increased with the passing of the day. It is not clear why the Aussie price in the game is like Assassin 'Creed: Odyssey raised, midday, but we will report back when we learn more.

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