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Roxy Jacenko on the new theory, the identity of Sydney pooper remains a mystery

In spite of days of intense media coverage and visions of dirty behavior going viral, Sydney poop runners who chose Roxy Jacenko's office as a dumping ground remain elusive.

And famous celebrity publicity has shut down wild theories about the identity of the mysterious dawn defecation.

On Monday, Jacenko posted three video clips on her Instagram showing the woman was relieved on the road between two cars parked on two separate occasions over the past week.

However, he told that human waste has been found on many occasions since mid-September.

Fed up, Jacenko reviewed the vision of her CCTV camera and exposed the torturer in an attempt to make it stop.

While the story has gone global and Jacenko has made a number of appearances in the media to wipe out its users, but the trail has become cold.

New South Wales police said their investigation was ongoing. There doesn't seem to be many strong (or soft) leads.

"Nothing yet," Jacenko told today about the progress of hunting.

But in some good news for and neighbors – including Paddington Elementary School and Wolf cafe – the woman seems to have run.

"Nothing this morning," Jacenko confirmed. "But I did increase my security patrol."

There are several theories about who is depicted in the video, which is why Jacenko finally deleted the original clip.

Mistaken or evil, some commentators mention women who clearly don't fit the bill. And the suggestion that it is a radio star and Masked singer Judge Jackie O was also shot down after he offered an alibi The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.

Social media buggers are now trying to spread the idea that Jacenko herself is wearing disguises and acting indecently in publicity efforts.

He vehemently disputed the claim that the last few days had been a massive billowing act.

"I mean, if that's the case, I'm really the queen of homework," Jacenko laughed.

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Jacenko did not believe the woman had deliberately targeted her, even though Sweaty Betty's office had been the target of attacks by vandals in the past.

"No, I certainly am not. This is not a target, this is a person who gets a sensation. Some people have sex on the beach, some people are not on the road," he said.

"This is something people do. I get the sensation of having vodka and lime slices, others do this. "

Whatever comes from police investigations, as well as the efforts of social media detectives, Jacenko will be satisfied if Poo does not return.

"I'm next to the elementary school where the kids come out, they play in the park, they run up and down on their scooters," he said.

"We are on a residential street, in the ranks of trees, why do we have to walk past sh * t to go to work or school? That is not true. If an Instagram post is enough to make him stop and find his joy by doing it at his own place of residence or working, I'm a happy person. "

Maybe dirt runners will never be exposed, since the woman behind a series of similar incidents at Pyrmont in Sydney last year alluded to identification.

In July 2018, a blonde woman was caught on camera defecating outside an o-bottle on the outskirts of town.

"Rumors say there are other locations around Pyrmont that suffer from the same situation," Porter Liquor owner Jim Schwilk told at the time.

The culprit is also a morning runner. Could it be the same person? One can only speculate wildly.

"Most people will find it rather funny, while others will be very offended by it," Schwilk said.

The rotten situation occurred only a few months after a man in Brisbane was sensationally exposed as the person responsible for urinating in the private lane in the unit block at least 30 times in a period of a year.

Angry residents made a sting operation to capture the 54-year-old company executive with brown hands, with the story produced also worldwide.

"One of the neighbors set up a night camera and got some pictures so we had time to do it, so I decided to go and wait with the camera inside and I was there a few mornings and then last Friday I got it," said neighbor Steve, who took the photo, to at the time.

"There was a red light that flashed before the camera flash went out and he saw that and looked at me when the photo was taken. Then he just said," Hello ". At that moment I decided to just leave."

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