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Review of NSW Government orders to Kogarah attack after the revelation of parole


19 November 2018 08:12:22

New South Wales Corruption Minister David Elliott has asked for direction as soon as it was revealed a parolee allegedly sexually abused a seven-year-old girl in Kogarah in southern Sydney last week.

Key points:

  • Anthony Sampieri, 54, allegedly stabbed a 46-year-old man who interfered in the attack
  • Mr Sampieri was detained by witnesses before the authorities arrived, and remained in the hospital
  • Police said girls and defendants were not known to each other

Mr Elliott said he was "deeply disturbed" by the incident, which was alleged to have taken place at a dance studio on Thursday night.

Anthony Sampieri, 54, allegedly attacked a young girl in the toilet before stabbing a 46-year-old man who intervened.

"These offenders are parole and subject to a number of strict conditions," Elliott said in a statement.

"Because the security of society is of the utmost importance, I have asked for an urgent explanation of all circumstances which have caused violators to be given parole."

Mr Sampieri was detained by witnesses before the authorities arrived.

He suffered facial wounds and bruises and was taken to St George's Hospital. He remains in the hospital and has not been charged.

The stabbed man received stitches at the same hospital and was released last week.

Witnesses described how the injured person was "hysterical" after the incident.

Mohamad Hariri heard a shout before the man emerged from the building and was helped by one of his friends.

"He was stabbed in the stomach and he had slashes on the back of his neck to his ears," Hariri said.

Police said the girl and the accused man were unknown to each other.

Superintendent Julian Griffiths also said the man accused of having no connection with the dance studio, and called the incident "isolated".

He said strike forces had been formed to investigate this issue, saying that healthy young girls were the most important in the investigation.



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