Princess Eugenie, Fergie, Share Her Proven Moments at Princess Marriage


Sarah Ferguson is reflecting on her daughter, Princess Eugenie, marriage.

It's been almost a month since Princess York and Jack Brooksbank married in front of the world, and her mother is still crying just thinking of a beautiful celebration.

"I always go to weddings and think, & # 39; Why is the mother-of-bride crying? & # 39; But I really understand why now," the 59-year-old Duchess of York shared in an interview with Daily letter published on Friday. "It's because it's very unusual to think your daughter is an adult, leaving home and starting her own life."

"I just sat in the chapel and everyone saw me go & # 39; phew & # 39; because I managed not to slip on my high heels," he continued. "Then I looked across and saw my sister [Jane] and I saw his face and there were tears – and I did it again, I was awake now. "

Princess Eugenie and Parents at her Marriage

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Eugenie and Jack tie the knot on October 12 at Windsor Castle in England. The bride looks stunning in the bridal gown Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos who make a strong statement.

"My proudest moment is watching Eugenie stand tall, very proud to show her scoliosis scar with a low-backed dress," Ferguson said of his daughter's delicate dress. "I will go to all the equipment and sit there beaming happily, and because there is no veil, that is a very strong statement."

Dress Eugenie shows off the scars on her back from the surgery she had at 12 years old for scoliosis. Spine surgery changed his life, and he decided to respect it in several ways for his big day. In addition to freely showing scars, Eugenie also invited NHS surgeons to a wedding in Windsor.

Princess Eugenie's wedding dress

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Princess Eugenie


    Daughter Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

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He also chose to leave without a veil, a decision, said Ferguson, they had made sure they were allowed on St. George's Chapel.

"We called the St George Chapel to make sure there were no special rules that stipulated that the headscarf should be worn, but there was none and Eugenie just wanted to be herself," said the proud mother. "Tiara, borrowed from grandma, danced for her. She was very radiant. She said, & # 39; Ma'am, I thought I would be nervous, & # 39; but she didn't."

Meanwhile, the mother of two children is happy for her daughter and her new son-in-law. "He and Jack are destined. He admires him, and now I have a son. Jack is like Zebedee. Boing, boing!" he says. "He will be the best consort there, like Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. I know this will be a kind of love match."

To recapitulate Princess Eugenie and Jack's wedding anniversary, watch the video below.


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