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New dinosaur species discovered in Thailand – News

Dino is believed to be the size of a bus.

The remains of a newly discovered carnivorous dinosaur species 115 million years as big as a bus have been excavated in Thailand.

Dug in a dinosaur grave in Nakhon Ratchasima, Siamraptor Suwati may rival Tyrannosaurus Rex with a length of more than 26 feet and weighs at least 3.5 tons.

The species was identified from the remains of four individuals. It was proven to have large jaws and jagged teeth along 8 inches. The fossils also included skulls, spine, limbs and hips, Metro reported.

The beast will be fast, running on its hind legs to hunt for prey. It also has short sleeves that end with long claws and short snouts.

"Physical and genetic analysis shows that Siamraptor is a basal member of Carcharodontosaurus. This means it represents a very early evolutionary separation from the rest of the group," said research leader Dr. Duangsuda Chokchaloemwong, from Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhatn University.

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