Tuesday , July 27 2021

Michael Maguire arrived for the first day at the Wests Tigers before dawn

Often criticized for working South Sydney players too hard towards the end of his tenure at Redfern, Maguire said he had tried to soften for 12 months out of the game but stressed that hard work was always needed for success.

"If it's about intense, I see it succeed in many teams," Maguire said.

"You softened a little. Everyone has a different perception of who you are, but I am very passionate about what I do. I like the fact that I return to training and I hope to work with these players.

"This is the club we want to build and I want to build it quickly. The players want to achieve that too.

"At the end of the day a hard-working team needs to be successful and if they choose to do that I'm sure this team will go far.

"I know quite a lot from the team, they know what I like. They might take Mickey out of me at times and laugh about [the intensity] but they know the reason why I do a lot of things and that is because I want each individual to be successful and be better on the team.

"I probably haven't changed my personality too much from Wigan to Souths, and they seem to get to the right place."

Maguire was in England for the New Zealand three Test series and only landed in Sydney at midnight last Friday. His jet lag caused him to wake up at 2am Monday before he realized he could not go back to sleep and decided to go to his new office.

While he has spoken to most senior players including Benji Marshall, who are approaching Kiwi recall, most groups will come along next Monday.

As for keeping Brooks, Maguire said: "I am looking forward to sitting and educating and building the game. I really enjoy working with parts, that's something I always have a passion for … Brooksy is a great talent.

"He spent a lot of time at this club and the way he developed his game, he was right in his prime to be able to move forward, and he had good people around him. I wanted to convey as much knowledge as I could to make him more well. "

Tigger's chief executive Justin Pascoe, who threw a welcome partner to Maguire on Sunday by holding a barbecue at his home, said he retained Brooks: "We have had positive discussions with Luke and his management. He is a local junior, he plays in 100 matches, he is Dally M half a year. What he showed last year we can get more from him again and continue to develop it as a player and become a player he knows he can.

The Tamil Tigers also turn their gaze to the center and other aggressive forwards.

As for entertaining unwanted five-eight star Shaun Johnson, Pascoe said: "Our focus is on Luke."

Maguire took over from Ivan Cleary who joined Penrith despite having two years to run the Tiger deal.

Pascoe said Maguire's professionalism and work ethic could not be ignored when he had to resign from the successor to Cleary.

Christian covers the rugby league for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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