Saturday , September 25 2021

Lisa Wilkinson apologizes for the insult

Lisa Wilkinson was forced to apologize after taking a naughty stance at water hosties in a segment about a recent quarantine error.

That Project Week Hosts grill infectious disease expert Robert Booy about the latest case of NSW’s coronavirus, a hotel worker believed to have caught the virus from a US flight crew.

Lisa described cabin crew workers as a “high-risk group” and claimed they enjoyed “significant exceptions” – things Booy disagrees with.

“Well, they’re probably not at high risk because we haven’t had previous examples and so if we start to get more trouble with the crew, that’s fine and good,” said the University of Sydney professor.

“I know the crew and I know what they are doing – they are sleeping. They usually spend a day or two and they leave again. They don’t mix and dance and go to parties. They are not really high risk.

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But Lisa quipped back, ignorantly replied: “You obviously know a different flight crew from me.”

Co-host Joel Creasy agreed, saying “yes same”, as the three of them enjoyed the laughter on screen.

But her tone quickly changed, Lisa suddenly issued an apology to “all the flight crew out there”.

As the segment – which also discusses the handling of two travelers who missed a Sydney hotel quarantine and flew to Melbourne on Saturday – drew to a close, the presenter turned back to clarify what he meant.

“I feel like I have to follow up there,” he said. “I know so many great flight crews, none of them Qantas would do anything wrong. Only a few other overseas airlines may not be doing the right thing. “

His comments followed the NSW Police issuing a statement confirming that travelers were able to avoid hotel quarantine after flying from Germany due to their mistake.

In a statement this afternoon, police admitted guilt, saying they “incorrectly allowed the two travelers to continue on to Melbourne”.

“Police have conducted a review after two German nationals flew to Melbourne after arriving in Sydney on an international flight in violation of the 2020 Public Health Order (COVID-19 Air Transport Quarantine),” the statement read.

The couple – a 53-year-old woman and a 15-year-old boy – arrived at Sydney International Airport at around 9:45 a.m. yesterday (Saturday 5 December 2020) on a flight from Tokyo, Japan, and were checked by NSW Health.

“Upon release, all travelers were directed to take the bus to the hotel quarantine before the couple notified police they were booked for flights to Melbourne.

“The police conducted an investigation into the travel and exclusions, which then allowed the couple to travel to Melbourne on domestic flights under standard protocol for excluded travelers.

“Upon arrival in Melbourne, Victoria Health notified NSW Health that the couple had no approved exemptions and had been escorted to the quarantine of the hotel, where they were staying.

“NSW Police have since conducted a review of the circumstances of the incident and identified the police who mistakenly allowed the two travelers to proceed to Melbourne.

The police practices and systems at the airport have also been reviewed and strengthened as a result of this incident.

On Friday, NSW Health issued a warning after a hotel worker tested positive for the coronavirus, despite having no contact with guests in quarantine.

The confirmed suitcases sparked a blitzkrieg and forced hundreds of train and light train passengers into isolation.

The woman is believed to have been infected while cleaning the hotel room where the crew was staying.

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