Innes National Park sinks: The bodies of missing fishermen are found


  • The sea claims one of his best friends

A 20-year-old man drowned after falling from a rock while fishing on Browns Beach on the Yorke Peninsula.

This is the fourth tragedy to sink in the waters of South Australia in less than a month.

A Parafield Gardens man, 20, was fishing on the coast of Innes National Park when he fell into the sea and was swept into the sea at around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Community members who witnessed the disappearance of the man told the authorities to the missing man.

Emergency services crew with assistance from national park officers and recreational and commercial fishermen looking for the area.

Police helicopters were also deployed and, right after 2:30 p.m., the man's body was found in the water.

The police said there were no suspicious circumstances and reports would be prepared for the State Examiner.

Browns Beach is one of the most remote areas in the national park but is a favorite place for fishing.

Hundreds of tracks can be seen in the sand where the search is performed.

The beach, which is famous for fishing salmon with locals and tourists using rock shelves in the middle of the beach as a launch point. empty at 6:30 p.m.

A pair of fishermen from Maitland said the beach was not known to be dangerous.

The family of the man who was sunk was believed to have been escorted by police out of Innes Park to accompany the body.

The man's death was the fourth to sink in SA since December 23 and the second in less than a week.

Sunday, December 23: A farmer on the Eyre Peninsula died while diving to look for crayfish off Mount Hope on the west coast of the peninsula. The police are preparing a report on the state of death amid fears that diving equipment can fail.

media_cameraNischal Ghimire.

Thursday, December 27: Disability guard Nischal Ghimire drowned Glenelg while on a trip to the beach with a disabled child. The alarm was turned on when the depressed boy knocked on the door of the local population, but was unable to communicate what had happened. Ghimire's body, 22, from Nepal, was found the following day.

media_cameraArash Yari.

Tuesday, January 15: Victoria teenager Arash Yari is missing in the waves of Parsons Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is estimated that the 17-year-old youth was trapped torn and swept into the sea. The body of Afghan immigrants was found on Friday.

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