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Google explained that nobody was supposed to buy Pixels at launch

Google Pixel phones are far from perfect, but they are getting better from year to year. Despite various weaknesses, they remain a number of our favorite cellphones on the market. However, with Pixel 3, Google has made it very clear almost nobody must have bought one of his cellphones when it was launched.

The best gift for Android users

Hardware and software problems are generally corrected over time

That won't be a Pixel launch without a lot of hardware and software problems that become clear. This has happened on every Pixel cellphone, but we have seen a surprising number with Pixel 3.

From camera issues to charging issues, Google has a long list of bugs to fix in future updates. Fortunately, many problems that interfere with users have been set to be fixed. However, what that means is that those who buy cellphones later (maybe) will never find them. Conversely, only people who buy a device in the first few months will experience this big problem.

The same thing can be said about most devices, but with Pixel, it seems like an ongoing event. Google's quality control misses things that shouldn't work through testing. Very embarrassing.

Another thing, arguably the worse problem, is that if you solve the Pixel immediately after buying it, you're lucky enough. As our own Kyle Bradshaw knowing the difficult way, Google and its partners were basically helpless to help repair damaged Pixels in the first few weeks of launch.

Discounts and Pixel 3 promos kick in the face of anyone who buys early

Beyond bugs and problems, the real reason why no one buys Pixels at launch is a promotion. Not infrequently operators and even companies offer discounts in various ways for various reasons on new hardware. However, with Pixel 3, Google brings things to a new level, and it really feels like a kick in the face to anyone who has bought on the first day.

Not even a full month after Pixel 3 starts sending to users, Black Friday Google sales spend up to $ 200 from the price of an unlocked device. Furthermore, BOGO discounts require up to $ 450 from the cost of a few pixels in one order. Verizon and Best Buy discounts also cost up to $ 400 from the cost of this new device.

Now, just days after the sale, Google offers other big Pixel promotions. For 24 hours, anyone who signs up for Google Fi and buys a device through Google, including Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the company offers travel credit. Up to $ 999, Google will match the costs of your new cellphone with gift cards for various travel sites. It's not a perfect offer for everyone, but this is a very extraordinary promotion.

My point with this is not only because Google is very often discounting this phone – everyone does it. Everyone who bought Pixel 3 at launch also knew to some extent that this phone would be discounted too. However, this year's discount is much heavier than the previous year. For example, in 2017, Pixel 2, which was released in the same time span as Pixel 3, only saw $ 100 save credit and free Home Mini on Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday. That a far cry from discounts of up to $ 200 for unlocked devices. *

Why does someone have to be an initial user?

Each cellphone will have a set of early adopters. These people may have various reasons too. For some people, it might be as simple as just trying to get the latest cellphone as soon as possible. For others, it's just the sensation of getting this new product first – just think of the iPhone line on the day of launch. A rather limited set of early adopters also included them, like me and other 9to5Google team members, who bought this cellphone earlier for our work.

Google, like any company, knows that many people belong to this group, and that really helps them get an idea of ​​how popular new devices will be. It also gives these users, generally big fans who pay attention, the opportunity to report problems that might lose quality control.

The problem is, with Pixel 3 promotions and discounts that Google has done this year, the company gives users a clear message – stop buying cellphones early. Of course, you might feel happy to have a new cellphone before anyone else, but I would bet that for most users, that feeling isn't worth hundreds of dollars.

Next year, I will wait to buy my Pixel 4, and I suggest you do the same.

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