Dubai Police Force Has Started Training on Their Hoverbikes-Drones


Photo: Hoversurf

Dubai police forces are not known to hold back when it comes to transportation. Last year, they announced that they were considering using functional hoverbikes as a way to get through heavy traffic. Now, they have begun training their police in the hope that they will be able to fully introduce these bad boys in 2020.

The California-based Russian company Hoversurf managed to fulfill a promise last year, according to CNN. Vertical take-off and landing vehicles (or, eVTOL) are exhibited at the GITEX technology exhibition, indicating that they have shipped the production of the first series of the S3 2019 Hoverbike model – and, more importantly, that the police have jumped to start training.

According to Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqui, general director of the Dubai police department, stated that they are currently training two crew of officers with hoverbikes, which they expect to actually implement full time by 2020. Troops have exclusive rights to order as many units as possible they want, so if everyone decides that they like them, they can ask as much as they need.

Hoversurf Chief Operating Officer Joseph Segura-Conn has mentioned that the ideal candidate to operate hovercrafts is people who both know how to ride a motorbike and operate a drone – a very special intersection of interests, if you ask me, but it seems that the police out in Dubai are finding out.

The specs on the S3 Hoversurf make it look like a lot of fun – but a little less good for real police work. With a maximum speed of 60 MPH, you will not be able to catch up to any high speed chases, but it is a good choice for getting into places that are difficult to reach. However, S3 can only maintain a maximum of 25 minutes of flight time with the pilot and up to 40 minutes while in drone mode. So, you won't see this traveling long distances. We talk about work faster and easier.

However, eVTOL is on the same boat as most electrical technologies today. Current battery technology is very limited. But that could be a pretty neat investment for the future, given that progress in the field of electrical technology is increasing. At the date of full 2020 implementation, we can talk about a much different range – whether battery technology or a more effective propulsion system.

And yes, you can order one of these bad boys here in the United States. You do not need a pilot license to operate it – but it costs $ 150,000, and it is possible that you will be filtered before buying to make sure you really can, y & know, operate p.

The field of eVTOL continues to grow, but it is still in its early stages. Nobody knows for sure, what combination of aerodynamic features will produce the most effective engine. Hoversurf is working on it, but it looks like the Dubai test is as much a learning experience for them as it is for the police.


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