Christy Laurence's application reveals how to make money from Instagram


Christy Laurence spent years in high-paying corporate work, until one day a life-changing moment changed her world.

While working in the field of marketing and advertising in Sydney, New Zealand-born advertising executives are increasingly starting to feel creatively unfulfilled in their daily work. He began sharing his illustrations on Instagram and was involved in the online community. Realizing he made more money with his art than in his full-time work, Christy began consulting alongside everything he had learned about digital marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media.

Then one day, at the age of 28, he suddenly woke up with a severe flu, which spread to his brain and caused injury to his vestibular system – a sensory system that contributed to our sense of balance, spatial orientation and movement.

"I don't know that is possible but this pressure goes into my brain and destroys all my vestibular functions, which means I lose vision, balance, I feel drunk and dizzy and that has greatly affected my mobility (and mental health) for more than two years, "Mrs. Laurence told

"Public transportation, supermarkets and restaurants are the worst, and after I fell down the escalator at Martin Place in Sydney I decided to stay at home more and focus on getting better."

Although brain scans showed nothing major, all the doctors told Mrs. Laurence that most people with the same suffering never recovered and he would need a caregiver for the rest of his life.

Unable to move independently for two years, a former advertising executive who will continue with his love of illustrations and accept the challenge of sending new artwork to Instagram every day. He began taking commission for his work and quickly realized that the better the food, the more he could ask for payment for his artwork.

After what Ny. Laurence is called the "light bulb moment", the entrepreneur decides to make a leap. He decided not to renew his contract, abandoned corporate life, supported himself from the start and began creating, designing, and bootstrapping new applications that taught others how to use Instagram effectively to benefit their business.

"I always become an entrepreneur and come from a family of entrepreneurs. I always want my own business and find that I am very excited about this idea, so I decided to increase the time by building applications to teach as many people as possible how to use Instagram, "he said.

"Because I don't have the money to build applications – and if I'm really honest, I don't know how to build applications too – I work for free for more than 12 months on the local web and application agents to get the technology started. "

Enter Plann – an affordable and easy to use scheduling design and visual tool for Instagram. Hitting the market in early 2016, Mrs. Laurence's pre-launch marketing efforts, late at night and a number of worrying YouTube videos to learn about technology, she welcomed 1000 paying users in the first week.

"This helped me finance my next development sprint and invest in a professional image to truly position the company as a beautiful global brand," he explained.

Designed specifically for advertising material, bloggers, and business owners who run their own Instagram accounts and short time, users can drag and release images in the gallery to visualize Instagram accounts, compile text, schedule posts, and save set of hashtags.

"Building great and obsessed products with every part of the application helps get the right product market right away," he said. "Word of mouth is phenomenal for business growth because it solves real problems for almost everyone who uses Instagram to create business prospects."

Three years later, Plann has been downloaded nearly one million times in more than 150 countries, reaching 1100 best-selling applications and still rising. Laurence, now the founder of four-time award-winning technology, has switched from $ 0 to a seven-digit business and a lucrative acquisition offer (which he rejected) in just 12 months.

"Working tirelessly on products that really help people find success, is something they use every day to make their lives easier, creating less social media anxiety while they can be more productive making it easy to start working every day," he said its mega success.

"We are very fortunate that our community actively supports us and talks about applications to their friends, and I am happy to say that Plann is fully funded by customers."

Awarded as Founder of the Founding Year of Australia Australasia in 2016 was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards Laurence's success.

"It's really degrading and very real to know that something I made out of nothing helped many people overcome the challenges I faced when I wanted to build a business," said the woman's technology founder.

His advice to anyone considering a bold business idea or a career leap? "Do it! As soon as you start talking about something you like, you will illuminate those you have never expected and find crazy opportunities out of nowhere."

Dividing his time between Silicon Valley and Sydney, the entrepreneurial technology boss said his life was now "very, very different" because he was ultimately responsible for his working day.

"With our headquarters at Bondi Beach, and more than 30 team members in more than nine countries to support me, including my husband leaving his company's financial career to join as COO (chief executive officer), I get the time to describe it again. I also took roller skates, and in the middle of the day swimming in the ocean. "

After the success of the mobile application, the team is preparing to launch a highly anticipated web application to use Plann on the desktop.

"To support the business that grows with us, and the demand for agencies and companies like Seafolly who have used our products, making Plann on the web the most logical step," he explained.

"It took 15 months and a lot of money to build, the whole team was at the end of their seats to see how the world embraced us."

With waiting lists in tens of thousands, we look forward to hearing how this Australian success story continues.


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