A suspicious fire ignited on the site of the Rainbow Serpent festival


The CFA said the fire could not have a significant impact on the festival, which will begin this Friday.

Fires out of control came several hundred meters from last year's location.

Rainbow Serpent – described as "a weekend of various dances, colors [and] the expression "on its website – is an annual event that has been the center of controversy in previous years.

Two revelers have been killed in drug-related incidents at the festival in the past seven years, while there have been more than a dozen drug-related hospitalizations.

Sexual violence also occurred on the popular program, with three charges being filed with the police in the past five years.

Five young people have died at music festivals throughout Australia in the past four months.

A spokesman for the Rainbow Serpent Music Festival said there was a "small flame in a remote area" next to the road to the festival.

"We are not sure at this time how this started," he said.

"The Festival's fire response managed to control it very quickly and I believe five CFA trucks were present."

He said the incident would not affect the arrangement or implementation of the festival.


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