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"Xavi and Iniesta will not win anything without soldiers like Puyol"

Figure Naval Carles He has been planning for Barcelona for the past 45 years. In fact, talking about people means talking to someone who devotes a large part of his life to serving the club he learns to love, respect, and endure patiently. Navy, delegates from the first azulgrana company, seeing the best players in history, seeing them marvel at the world of football and, why not say it, also determine the darkest and darkest scenes remembered in Can Coal. The French publication "Le Temps" gave him extensive interviews where he reviewed many topics.

"The team is practically invincible and awakens admiration for Europe, but what I remember most is the family we form," he commented on the time of the Dream Team together Johan Cryuff trainer. The Wembley Champions League mtt 92 saves strange stories behind and celebrates those who don't have much success.

"I remember we booked a room to celebrate the title, family, players, staff members and leaders went to sleep and I stayed with the trophy myself, I put it in my room, put it on the couch and I went drinking a few beers before going back up "This is the first cul in history to sleep beside a European Cup.

As a mystical goal Iniesta at Stamford Bridge, Naval said that "everyone rushed past Crner to jump over Andrs and at one point I found myself alone on the bench, why would I run if I had to go back?" Pep immediately told me that we had to do I changed and I couldn't feel it anymore. "

Carles also noted with special affection for four great Brazilian players in Bara's history: "Romario was able to change the course of the game with any action, Ronaldo was only one season, but helping us win the Cup, Rivaldo is a more Academic football player who helps us guide the game, while Ronaldinho has all that and also gives life on the field, transmits a lot.

Finally, about couples XavI-Iniesta, Naval commented that "they have pushed the club towards another dimension, they are outside the norm, and they give a unique sense to the ball." They are extraordinary, but without guerrillas like Puyol or the dismissal of Vctor Valds, one of the best goalkeepers in club history, they will not win anything. "

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