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"With the death of my sister, I have long found cancer in my body"

Singer La Beriso, a national rock band that celebrated two decades, wrote the book Stand up and fight, where he tells of very difficult times in his life.

In interview with InfobaeRolo Sartorio tells a part of his personal story and talks about the growth of the band.

The hardest thing was losing his two sisters: Mariana died at the age of 35 and Marcela at the age of 42. Both died of cancer.

"With the death of my sister, I have long found cancer in my body," the singer said in an interview.

He added: "With Mariana, my sister in the middle, we took each other as friends rather than brothers, we really shared everything, and I took her to make a light because she was half paralyzed, so she had to be taken by ambulance on a stretcher. I thought he would go crazy because I held his hand and broke his wrist, I didn't know what to do … "

Mariana died in 2004 and soon after Marcela fell ill.

"It started with pain and they sent me to find a studio." When I opened it, I said: "No, I can't trust you …" I have to tell my parents about it. the late Mariana … Very little, I sat on the floor, where was my old man, and I told him, it was very difficult, and you were angry, I even saw an old man on the street and said: "How do they not die, if Do You are 80 years old? "Because my sister, at the age of 30 … So you understand, the fact is, today my parents are 80 years old," Rolo admitted.

Marcela died in 2007, two days before the La Beriso tour.

"He died on the 15th, on the 16th we did a funeral and on the 17th I went on a tour, with panic attacks, with pills in between. […] The worst thing you can do is cry. I cried a lot but I also wanted the project. It's an artist too, what he pulls in difficult times. And well, I'm leaving, "he recalls.

"I spent a lot of time finding cancer, all the time, in my body, it was horrible, and I felt sick for months, until I went to the doctor because he didn't give anymore and he told me," You don't have what -What. "If it hurts me …" "You have nothing, skinny." That part is hard, very hard, "he admitted.

He added: "The time comes when you say: Well, crazy, I want to live, enough. And you make a wound, I have two children, I can't die, I don't want to die, so I I tried to go psychologically, I didn't go, because I always went to my house, but I suffered from anxiety, so I would call every half hour to see how I did it, and my old woman would say to me: Half hours ago you called, it won't change anything. Tell you? & # 39; "

Rolo says he took an antidepressant and he feels good with the pill.

"I remember going to a psychologist and at one point he would say to me: & # 39; Let me cry in front of someone. & # 39; It happened to me at Luna Park when I sang" Songs for mom and dad ", and at that time I saw my parents on me say, "It hurts how they feel," and I was desperate, I couldn't sing anymore, and everyone sang half a song because I couldn't, there was no way, "he recalls.

For Rolo, the years and growth did not change the group.

"We don't change anything: we continue to walk through the environment, visit friends from all our lives, we don't have" champion friends. "And that is the best thing that can happen to you: not having them. They approach me so much, I prefer to continue with my friends throughout my life," he said. (Infobae and La Nueva.)

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