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"With Antonela, we want to have a baby" – 12-27/2018

The distended Lionel Messi spoke of all possible topics in the interview he gave to Spanish newspapers. And in the part of the letter he mentioned his, the closest. "After I have my children, priority is always family, most importantly, very important, obviously I like football, I like it and I live for it, but family is above all", leave clear.

And with Thiago, six, Mateo de tres and Ciro, who was only nine months old, Leo refused to close the factory: "Ciro just stood up, Antonela and I want to have a baby, we'll see later, it's still morning".

Family 10

Leo talked about his project with Antonella and how his children were interested in football.

In an interview he received from the Madrid newspaper Marca, he remembered the videos of his children dancing a few weeks ago. "This is because Mateo talks to my wife more, Thiago, on the other hand, is more to me, she is more closed and shy, Mateo has more character, she prefers music and dancing, like her mother", highlighted number 10 from Barsa.

The dance of Messi's son

Leo uploaded Mateo's video, moved to the LMFO rhythm.

But outside the dance, Messi said that two older people like football. "They both really like soccer. Thiago understood better because he was older. Discuss things about games, games, everything you see and what happens. He is involved in the game. I have received some criticism (laughs). Follow Barcelona, ​​Liga, Champion … He likes it, he asks, he tells himself and when there are no results that are so good, something tells me ", said La Pulga. Is it true that when Barsa lost, at home they didn't talk about football? "That was before, now it's not like that anymore, it's always difficult to digest defeat and bad results, but Thiago forced me to comment on what happened in the game and explain why it was not won. Now we talk more ", he replied.

How do you celebrate this holiday? "As long as we can spend Christmas in Argentina, it is a special and beautiful date: we all gather together, weather, parties … They are different days and with children even more, they enjoy Santa and all the gift themes."

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