With an unexpected photo, Connie Ansaldi regretted not using her tail


At times of the body suitable, Connie Ansaldi He was surprised by the reflection on his figure. He said he did not use and abuse curves throughout his career in the media because he preferred to reflect on his inner qualities, with the implicit premise that one thing is not possible with another.

However, today the position is different and as proof, he shares selfie to be pure "qlo", where he added:" I enjoy my body as it is and is not necessary do not show it excessively or hide it so they can see that I'm smart. "

Connie has been away from TV since she resigned Cortá by Lozano. Today is dedicated to making workshop and consultation on social networks and everything related to the digital world. From that perspective, he was determined to produce positive change on the Web and the message was clear: "Do what you wantThe other is a trap. "

The former panelist also refers to the abundance of Instagram's body and his own experience: "Sometimes I think I don't get enough of my butt, I'm always very busy in working my brain and heart that's the truth: I gave him a very few balls. "

Connie Ansaldi and positive message.
Connie Ansaldi and positive message.

Outside the professional level, personally, Connie has been dating for several months with a boy nicknamed "the Lion". He is an artist and is dedicated to muralism and graffiti. He joked with age differences, because he was younger than him, 45 years old: "I always like breastfeeding," he said in his last program Cortá by Lozano.


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