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Windows Update October 10 2018 does not return, the user does not install it

However, many of these versions are the most problematic of those sent to date globally, because in it they have found a large number of failures and problems, even a few days after them launch it, must be temporarily withdrawn. However and despite the fact that the signing Redmond, after being relaunched, he assured that the initial error had been resolved, the truth was something different, which we must add to the mistrust that had been generated between the good parts of the user around the world.

In fact, only a few days ago my friends from SoftZone We were told that this is the version that is available for the most part compatible equipment, available through Windows Update and ready for installation without problems. But with everything and with that, do not believe with Windows 10 October 2018 continue, and in what way. We say all this because, following the latest report which was just published by the company AdDuplex, it is known that in December, which will end, October 2018 Updates almost reach 6.6% of market penetration.

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The Windows 10 October 2018 update is still not received

While this number means it has succeeded in doubling it cost In connection with the previous month, this is still very low compared to what happened to others system update in the past This has a clear meaning, and that is that users still don't trust reliability from version 1809, so 1803 o Update April 2018 Still the most widely used, and with many differences.

Thus, regardless of new things, functional and security that implement October 2018, it is clear that users prefer to continue with the current version of the operating system until 1809 to achieve sufficient maturity. Therefore, at this time, at the beginning in 2019 in a few days, Windows Update April 10 2018 This is still the most widely used version with 83.6% penetration.

To solve this we will say that in October 2018 it was in second place with 6.6%, followed very closely by renewal Fall Creators Update o version 1709 with 5.7%. The surprising thing about all of this is that if in the past we have become participants in how new Windows 10 update they shoot reception in the first two months, this did not happen with version 1809.

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