"Win the dancer, black, who are you …", Jimena Barn dursima


Jimena Barn is one of ten figures who came to the example of this new edition Dancing to dream Despite the fact that he had participated in the event at the beginning of the year, he admitted that he had never enthusiastically reached the end as he does now. In fact, in the last gala, goddess he shed tears by admitting that the reality of Marcelo Tinelli changed his life and that invitation came at a very special moment in his career.

After years of success as an actress, this year Jime launched herself as singer and made a scene with his first album "La Tonta", in addition to captivating social networking with his sculpture figures, which brought him many fans. His spontaneity and charisma is the key to his stability, so the production of ShowMatch wants to have it in the program and, despite his busy schedule, he is happy to accept it.

Always in a funny way, Jimena he was compelled to record very funny videos in his life, with his son Momo, his girlfriend Mauro Caiazza, who was also a dance couple and his daily routine. Now, the most important thing for morocha is to get through the bachata rhythm, because he didn't do very well in his performance, and he only received 13 points. That's what made him very nervous: very likely he had to go to a duel and if the jury didn't save him, go to the telephone.

Who doesn't speak once? The artist he showed that he did it often, and showed himself on the Instagram Stories to do a monologue in front of the camera, while applying the mask on his face. With a distinctive spark, which is famous He had conversations with "my other", and entertained his followers, clarifying their fears and anxieties to find out whether to move to the next round of the contest.

"So, how much to cry, how much to cry? How much practice to lose, win, win! You are punished, you banque, your old woman is punished, you dance like c, you go today and you destroy them all and the jury saves You because you broke, or you cag and you will leave now? You have ten left and you ah because you did it, because you can, "he said to himself.

Then, compare the struggle of the feminist movement, which he himself has and defend, and differentiate his coward to continue ShowMatch: "Hey, feminism, uh, to Congress, the law of abortion. In bachata, you cags in bachata? And you do ridiculous tours throughout the country , bol … ", he threw unfiltered.

"Selling smoke, selling smoke, selling smoke, eating the world, eating the globe, if you don't know how to do bachata well, if you are afraid of punishment, and do it, do it, Pas, right, Bro el Bailando, Gat el Menari, black, you can do everything, "he said as an expression of motivation to emphasize the trust he needed in the last stage of Dancing for a Dream.

And I ended up with a very strong affirmation, as if it was a self-training exercise or personal training: "I will do it, I will do it, I can do it, I can do it, I have gastritis a week ago. I can enjoy this program , "he believes on social networks.

A genius!


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