Wholesale dollars dropped and drilled the area again despite new purchases by BCRA


Simultaneously that Green tickets dropped 20 cents to $ 38.53 at banks and agents in the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average domain.com.

That happened after the Central Bank intervened in Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC) with the purchase of U $ 50 million through tenders. The average purchase price is $ 37,597 and the maximum price is $ 37.61. In total, the monetary authority has bought US $ 240 million since last week.

During the round, Central also auctioned the Liquidity Bills (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) for $ 198,284 million at an average annual low of 56.9% to seven days. They added that the maximum level given was 57.2398% and the minimum was 56.252%.

The negotiated volume was US $ 826 million, the highest in January, when revenue goes directly to the financial business and high interest rate placement options.

Operator Fernando Izzo stressed that "this interest rate, time period option and the current dollar value under the non-intervention zone indicate that the financial business will win and will provide the BCRA margin to continue to reduce interest rates in pesos".

that maximum They were recorded at the beginning when the first operation was recorded at the level of $ 37.75, five cents above the previous closing. However, the initial appearance of income from abroad is affected by the dollar price that starts a slow but persistent downward path.

Prices recede by staggering to touch minimum in $ 37.47 minutes after the completion of the official purchase auction. In the end, a lukewarm recovery from demand recomposed the dollar level but without being able to estimate it to the initial level.

Dollar in the world

The dollar index added 0.06% to 96,391. Against the offshore yuan, the dollar strengthened 0.3% to 6,8157 units.

Confidence among German investors declined slightly in January, but their assessment of economic conditions is currently deteriorating to a four-year low, a survey showed on Tuesday.

On Monday, the IMF cut its forecast for world economic growth in 2019 and 2020 on Monday.

Other markets

In the informal market, in turn, blue ends stable $ 38.75, according to this media survey in caves in downtown Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" fell on Friday 12 cents to $ 37.78.

On the interbank money market telephone money It was negotiated at an average of 55%. In foreign exchange, 202 million is traded through agreed dollar sales for tomorrow and on Thursday at 52.50%.

In ROFEX futures market, US $ 1167 million was operated, of which more than 64% was agreed in January and February to $ 37.97 and $ 39.24 with rates of 47.55% and 44.95% respectively.

Finally, Reserve of the Central Bank US $ 12 million fell on Monday to US $ 66,417 million.


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