Who is the one who conquered Chano – 1/19/2019


It all started when Chano Moreno Charpentier (37) gave an interview to Clarín, broadcast on Facebook Live, where he looked very agile and happy for the release of his new album. Another

The 25-minute conversation not only focuses on his professional life but also on personal life.

"I have a girlfriend from Jujuy, we have a great night, he is a journalist, sometimes we meet each other, I love him, he is divine, but I didn't mention his name because I thought he had chabón when I met him. , Chano revealed very enthusiastically.

Immediately on the social network everyone wonders who is the woman who has conquered the singer.

The revelation came from the telephone interview the girl gave All Jujuy. His name is Elena Roca, he is a model and journalist and in 2007 he was chosen as Queen of Students. "Yes, I'm Chano's girlfriend, I'm surprised, I didn't expect him to say it," he insisted.

"I'm happy, I got love," he said and said they met some time ago for the same friends.

"Last year he called me and he called me to be part of his video Naistumichiu who was filmed at Purmamarca, he told me, "I want you to be because you are Queen Jujuy", I told him that I was honored, unfortunately for work commitments I could not. "We met again when I worked as a journalist in Buenos Aires, I made notes, we started dating and this year we dated."

Roca said he was a girlfriend for six months with the polo player Chano referred to in an interview with Clarín and explained: "I cut, he knew, he wrote me and it all started."

As he said several times, Chano really enjoyed his stay in Jujuy and his new boyfriend commented: "Every time he can, he comes".

Jujeña admits that he considers himself a humble woman, but before the musician's confession he had no alternative and had to whiten the romance in public. In addition, he clarified that he had never used media relations to gain fame.

In the past few hours, Elena posted a photo with Charpentier on social media and wrote: "Love is in the air! With love in my life, Chano, always accompanying you at good times and at bad times."

Sign in All Jujuy They asked him how the musician was in privacy and he described him as "a musician who is divine, sensitive, and very good, a great person and I love him very much." That makes me very happy with him, and he is also the same as me. very healthy and he thanked me for that and helped him in his struggle against drugs. "

Elena revealed that her dream was "to see her win in music all over the world and accompany her in the process," and that she told her boyfriend to stay away from poisonous people. "Now he surrounds himself with healthy people who want to help him be good," he concluded.


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