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Who is Naco Goldfinger, a former Cadillac who plans to kill a prosecutor?

Ignacio Alfredo Pardo, recognized by his pseudonym, Naco Goldfingeris former saxophonist from Cadillac Fabulous and who is currently incarcerated for stealing $ 80,000 for a grill.

Pardo became the leader of a criminal organization and planned theft to the place. However, the fact is he must be criticized eight years in the San Martin prison, dictated by fiscal Patricio Ferrari.

The situation is not there. The former Cadillac devised another plan, this time from the cell and with partner collaboration: killed Ferrari, the person who sent him to prison.

In the procedure carried out by members of the SPB intelligence sector, Pardo cells were searched, located in pavilion number 6 San Martín. According to reports, they found: external cellular and battery phones, chargers, DVDs, annotations.

Naco Goldfinger | Photo: Twitter

In addition, five other procedures were registered, which allegedly Abel Osvaldo Díaz Rodríguez, a 44-year-old man who traveled temporarily Outside the prison they were kidnapped: FAL rifles, grenades, two pistols, ammunition, kilos of cocaine, Federal Police uniforms, bulletproof vests, and pistols, among other elements.

Díaz Rodríguez refused to testify before the case prosecutor, Carolina Asprella, who left her imprisoned for possession of illegal war weapons, explosives and narcotics for commercialization.

Díaz Rodríguez is a friend of one cell of Pardo until 28 June.

Plans to kill Ferrari prosecutors were revealed by other prisoners (sentenced to life in prison and whose identities were kept as reserves), who claimed to have heard that the Prado wanted "Revenge" from the prosecutor because "because he was jailed".

Naco Goldfinger | Photo: Twitter

He also stated that former saxophones "had an obsession" with Ferrari prosecutors and I want to "kill him" or at least "let him be paralyzed". According to his statement, he had the intention of hiring "two Peruvian killers", who would rely on the collaboration of Díaz Rodríguez and other Pardo friends to commit the murder.

Remembering what happened, the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo, offering custody of Ferrari. In addition, Buenos Aires police chief Fabian Perroni, attorney general of the province of Buenos Aires, Julio Conte Grand, among other authorities, was close to Ferrari and offered custody of him.

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