Who is Ciro, a fan of nene Estudiantes who was killed stabbed by her stepfather – 11/27/2018


A slight respiratory condition prevents Ciro Peñalba (10) – a small boy killed by his mother's mate in a scary morning – trying his luck with a ball, or integrating a sports team at Tolosa clubs. Likewise, whenever he can, he will wear some of the various Student T-shirts that he keeps in his closet. They are clothes that he prefers to wear when he comes home from school.

Go to see "Pincha" at Unico Stadium – located 25 blocks from his house- That is a delayed expectation, which was promised to "when you grow up".

At Plaza Martín Iraola, he was seen by several of his younger brothers (two women and men), always under the close supervision of Soledad Marcos (32), his mother, who integrated them into environmental activities. "La & # 39; Flaca & # 39; (as an acquaintance told Marcos) is a madrasa, supportive, kind and always accompanying children," he said. Clarin family neighbor.

Teachers of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen School, from 115 between 529 and 530, from the traditional surroundings of La Plata, saw him go through small rooms in the garden and first class of elementary school. They don't remember episodes of problems or learning difficulties.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, who received bullets in the cheekbones.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, who received bullets in the cheekbones.

The trauma was piled up inside house 116, where his stepfather, Juan Cruz Chirino (27) broke the horror. According to close relatives with family, stepfather "Persecute him and make a difference" with other small children from humans After staying eight hours, he committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon.

This different treatment was felt by Soledad Marcos and by grandmother Ciro, who experienced a severe confrontation with Chirino. "Even though he never dared to persecute his mother-in-law," the source consulted Clarin. Discriminatory attitudes are one reason for couples discussion.

Angel Peñalba, the boy's father, will pick him up at the weekend. He maintained good relations with his ex-wife, Soledad Marcos, who also ended up being hurt by a shot at the tragic dawn, even though he was out of danger. He was shot in a pear area that was still lodged in his jaw, according to health sources Clarin. He was admitted to the San Martín hospital.

This morning, the classes at Colegio del Carmen were suspended when the authorities knew the fatal results. Tomorrow, Wednesday, rest is set to duel.

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