When Madonna prepares to see a lunar eclipse (Photos)


Last week, the first astronomical event of the year took place: a supermoon of wolf blood, in which the Earth's satellite was completely covered and turned reddish. The event did not go unnoticed Madonna, who share on their social networks how to prepare themselves to enjoy strange events.

In almost every corner of the planet, that phenomenon can be appreciated: North America, South America, Western Europe, and Africa are continents where eclipses can be seen more clearly. For Madonna everything is very simple because he can observe it from the comfort of his home.

In the pictures you share on your Instagram account, you see Pop Queen with certain hairstyles in black hair. The photo is accompanied by the following message: "Ready to see & # 39; Superluna de sangre de lobo & # 39;", as expected the photo produces a re-fondness for the part of his fans who praise his new appearance.

"You look great", "I like your hairstyle", "very good new style", are some comments that can be found next to the translator post La Isla Bonita. A few days ago the star was on everyone's lips when he got on stage to do his biggest hits which included "Like a Prayer", but something that attracted the attention of fans and the size of the singer's ass that looked bigger and that is why his followers sure that Madonna pas de la quirfano.

A follower wrote on Twitter: "As a society, we created Big Butts, so Madonna BIG comes out and gets it. I say it. "While others ask:" Who told Madonna to wear the fake ass? "" Madonna needs to leave the implant butt "is another message left by confused fans on social networks.


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