WhatsApp has a new option to send messages in the New Year to many contacts


Step by step, we show you how to do it thanks to the diffusion list on messenger.

Sometimes we want to send the same message to many people at WhatsApp. For example, after the birth of a child. Or within minutes after the start of the new year.

Here's how to use List of broadcasts on messenger Facebook. Simple and practical method, which you can use to send congratulations on New Year approaching. And starting 2019 with new ones cheat on the sleeves.

Message to four winds

One list of broadcasts on WhatsApp allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously. To take into account: the maximum number of members is 256, as specified in the messenger property of Facebook.

Also, so that these people receive your message, they must save your number as a contact on the calendar. If not, the message will not reach its destination.

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How to list broadcasts

It's very simple. At the three points that appear in the upper right sector of WhatsApp, play "New diffusion"The next step is to select contacts on your calendar, which will be part of this list.

Even though the message will write it in the list, they will not arrive at the destination in the group but in individual chat. In the case of answers coming, they will also do it with private channels.

It is possible to edit your broadcast list, for example by choosing a name for it. You can also add or delete members if desired, or delete the full broadcast list.

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