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What sports that promise medals for Argentina at the Pan American Games in Lima

The hope for the start of the Pan American Games increased with the passage of days. Against the backdrop of Toronto 2015 and Rio 2016, which are athletes to take into account in the Albiceleste attack in Lima 2019.

Figure skating
Giselle Soler still maintains the sparkling gold medal she won in Toronto. "I came with a lot of hope, to look for a gold medal, we trained for it and we hope to do the best we can to achieve it," the young woman said in a statement made to the Argentine Olympic Committee.

The Argentine team relies on a background that has as protagonists Rubén Rézola and Ezequiel Di Giácomo, who climbed to the top podium in Canada. When discipline delivers tickets to Tokyo 2020, there will be additional motivation for the participants.

As if it were an irony of fate, Argentina was always marked by having a very good boater. In the Youth Olympic Games that took place in Buenos Aires, gold was won, just like at the Pan American Games in 2015, when Axel Haack was crowned Diego López.

Delfina Pignatiello is one of the most prominent stars of the national delegation. The young woman who made it to the podium on recurring occasions in Buenos Aires 2018 will go for a new medal in Lima. In addition, Federico Grabich will try to re-validate the gold obtained in Toronto and Virginia Bardach will struggle to get a place among the best.

The maximum candidate for the podium is Facundo Bagnis, who has experience in a Canadian event that took place 4 years ago, when he won a gold medal in a single number. In addition, Guido Andreozzi, the gold winner in the Toronto mixed doubles, will also try to bring the Albiceleste flag to the top.

This is a specialization for Argentina. In every international commitment, delegates representing sailing countries usually get good results. In Lima we will try to match the 3 gold numbers celebrated in Canada.

Beach Volleyball
Ana Gallay, considered one of the best players in the world, will once again participate in the Pan-American Game. In Toronto, he celebrated gold with Georgina Klug. In Lima he will try to repeat the brightest medal with Fernanda Pereyra.

With the inheritance left by Julián Pinzás and Miguel Amargós; Valentina Castro, Yamila Benítez, Agustín Pérez, Agustín Farah, Walter Carrizo, Sebastián González, Martín Juiz and Luca Impagnitiello will try to climb the podium to re-validate Toronto gold.

Field hockey
The lion wants to continue with the positive trends achieved in Toronto and Rio, where gold is achieved. Las Leonas, on the other hand, felt obliged to return to the podium, after a sudden blow suffered in Brazil.

This will be a different bet. Argentina will not travel to Lima with the main character. However, the new generation wants to attack the Incas.

Paula Pareto is the biggest exponent of the sport popularized thanks to Peque. National legend is a guarantee of success.

Catriel Soto is a benchmark in mountain biking. His experience places him as a strong candidate for the podium.

Rugby -7
Seven Pumas are used to be the best in each presentation. Its production in Toronto is with medals. In Lima they will look for gilthead seabream.

Shooting sports
Despite his youth, Fernanda Russo has experience in Canadian events where he won a silver medal. In addition, in Rio he is among the best in the world. His discipline and professionalism placed him as one of the main candidates.

The main reference is Germán Chiaraviglio. He is one of the most experienced delegates who will try to reach the highest point in the pole jump.

Despite their internal conflicts, the absence of the United States, Brazil and Chile positioned women's teams as candidates for the podium. To do this, he must change the ultra-defensive scheme he used at the World Cup in France for riskier proposals. On the contrary, the male version weakened because it did not have more than 23 years of players, or representatives from Boca, River, Independiente, Racing and Velez.

The men's team won a bronze medal in Toronto. Apart from the difficulties represented by the discipline, in Lima they will try to fight for new achievements.

This belief is stored in Manuela Carballo Re, one of the figures in the previous edition who will try to add one more medal for the Albiceleste delegation.

When La Oveja Hernández designed the tournament in preparation for the World Cup in Asia, figures such as Luis Scola, Facundo Campazzo and Nicolás Laprovittola will be the most striking attractions of international events. In version 3 × 3, the results are also expected, after gold Buenos Aires 2018.

It is a tradition for Argentina to improve their views on fighters who will rise into the ring. The Sánchez Sisters are clear candidates for medals.

Lucas Guzmán is the representative who will lead the team that will kick the board. His fortune in Toronto sparked hope.

Patricia Bermúdez showed in Rio that she could fight for a place among the best. The Buenosairean received a diploma in Brazil to receive glory in Lima.

Water ski
As in most water sports, Argentina will try to celebrate on one of the five sporting events that contribute 3 medals in Canada.

Sword, Saber or Foil. In teams or individuals. The diversity is wide and the categories of representatives are enthusiastic about dreams of glory. The aim is to overcome the 4 achievements in Canada.

Santiago Muñiz is the main candidate to celebrate on the coast of Peru. Young Marplatense rubs shoulders with the best in the world and the preparation is the key to fighting for a place on the podium.

Matías Albarracín will not travel to Lima. The jump usually surprises the jury who usually responds with a high score.

Federico Molinari will go for the fifth and final Pan American. Experienced athletes will try to start closing their careers with a place on the podium.

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