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What new features WhatsApp will bring in 2019

There are many new features and functions of WhatsApp in 2019. But one of them won't like anything for users …

WhatsApp introduces new changes to the software in the latest version.

WhatsApp This is one of the most important applications we have on our mobile. This is an important one, and even though we are people who try to use alternative applications, such as Line or Telegram, in the end we have a large group of acquaintances and friends who only use WhatsApp, so you have to install the Facebook application.

So, or if you already have it as the main application, we will tell you what will be the most important WhatsApp new features and things in 2019.

WhatsApp This is not a perfect application. Actually, this is enough, but every year a series of changes are introduced to try to please more users. 2018 is not a bad year in this regard, even though we currently don't have too much news for WhatsApp in 2019.

And what is that, besides some new emojis, news about WhatsApp in 2019 they focus on security, devices that will be available … and advertisements. Yes WhatsApp will stop being free, and is one of the functions and news WhatsApp in 2019 we will tell you next.

What made the news WhatsApp This year?

2018 has been a very good year for this application, and we already have a number of important updates that have added elements that, yes, already exist in other messaging applications, such as Line or Telegram, but more application users are used to send messages that are highly valued (and has been received with open arms).

To start, this year WhatsApp it was updated to receive GIF. They arrived in a rather shy way, but finally we were able to send GIFs to our contacts. Little by little, the option has been polished to integrate the search engine on the keyboard, something that is very useful to avoid going to the webpage, looking for the GIF we want, downloading it and then uploading it to WhatsApp.

Another new thing from WhatsApp They are the stickers. Yes, we also know that Line and Telegram take a long time, but the arrival of stickers WhatsApp Have breathed fresh air for the application and for the way we communicate. In addition, it has aroused the imagination of users, who have the tools to make their own stickers.

There is also a series of updates to increase video consumption without having to choose whether we want to watch videos or talk with our contacts, and increase viode calls and group management. However, now we will focus on the main features, new things and functions WhatsApp for 2019, because there are three very important points for the coming months.

Which cellphone WhatsApp will stop working in 2019

Like every year, where is the telephone? WhatsApp it will stop working. As everything, the application is updated, and although Facebook doesn't care that we have a Pleistocene cellphone, but it works fine, the fact is that there are features that, for whatever reason, might be too "heavy" for the device or operating system.

And, when the application is updated, those in charge must see what operating system, or what system version, is the most widely used. Yes, don't worry because the most likely thing is that your cell phone running WhatsApp cannot currently be used in a few days.

You only need to worry if you have a Nokia S40, because this is a cellphone that is used WhatsApp will stop working in 2019, especially the last day of 2018. S40 is a cellphone with more than 10 years behind it, and if you still have it as your main phone, don't worry because WhatsApp stop working, but you have to say thank you for the price (although, well, that is Nokia "really").

On February 1, 2020, WhatsApp will stop working on all Android phones with version 2.3.7, as well as on all iPhones with iOS 7. If you see certain models, WhatsApp it will not work on the following devices:

Cellphone Windows Phone 8.0
iPhone 3GS with iOS 6
Nokia Symbian S60
Blackberry 10
Mobile phones with BlackBerry OS

If you have one of these terminals, you have to make a leap, something that is not complicated if you don't want to spend a lot of money thanks to the middle-class Chinese cellphones we received this month.

Will continue the struggle against false news

This year we have several controversial fields in matters related to the world of technology, and one of them is fake news. The missing news, for example, seems to have decided on US elections that support Trump, something related to Facebook … and, therefore, for WhatsApp.

In the cleaning campaign, it seems the Zuckerberg company wants to clean up WhatsApp fake news and, therefore, recently released a function to limit the number of times a message can be forwarded WhatsApp. The first step is to add the "Forward" tag so that the user knows it is not genuine information.

The next step is to limit the number of users to 20 people whose messages can be forwarded, ways to combat spam, but now they are far more restrictive. And recently WhatsApp has been updated to limit retransmission of up to five people.

This is something that happened in India, where people were even killed by false news, but little by little. small, WhatsApp will apply this limitation, too, in other countries. This is a very important measure of WhatsApp for 2019 and a tool for fighting fake news.

And ads on WhatsApp

WhatsApp it will stop being free. In the past, you have to pay a little to use it WhatsApp, but when Facebook takes effect, it's over and WhatsApp It remains as a free application without payment for the premium version.

However, it was over. No, we don't need to pay anymore to use it WhatsApp, but in 2019 ads will come. And, there are several ways to monetize free applications. One of them is through managing user data, something that Facebook hasn't done very well and, in fact, makes Mark Zuckerberg feel unhappy. Another way is through advertising.

Nothing is free, and less than an application is as important as WhatsApp. It's been known for several months, but it's one of the biggest news stories WhatsApp in 2019, the ad will arrive. Now, how about the ad?

It's not that we will skip the ad before entering to talk to one of our contacts, advertise WhatsApp it will appear exactly the same as on Instagram (also from Facebook, coincidentally). Between states and user stories, advertisers can place their products.

Now, how do we pay users? With our data, managed by Facebook, which will be sent to agencies to display advertisements, it is said, personalized.

This will be the greatest novelty WhatsApp in 2019 so, if you use the state and story, you can prepare the announcement at WhatsApp, something that will arrive at the beginning of the year to the United States and will gradually spread throughout the region.

Something more … more emojis for WhatsApp in 2019!

Not everything will be as serious as a function WhatsApp To limit fake news and advertisements, there is also room for emojis. Many of us communicate, practically, with these emojis, and soon they will arrive, if we attend Wabetainfo, 357 new emojis.

We show some emojis filtered below:

So far, our review of the news WhatsApp most important for 2019. Now we only need an application to surprise us with useful tools such as those offered by external companies, such as the possibility of messaging programming or playing audio at different speeds.

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