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What if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an anime?


For fans Nintendo they don't doubt it Legend of Zelda is one of the big franchises from N that has an ideal profile to be transferred to the anime format. Maybe for now Kyoto have no plans to do this, but, at least, we can leave a little doubt about the way in which an animation series Link and the company will be seen thanks to many fans and talent. This is the case for the user Twitter @Arya_Yin who, recently, shared short animations in anime style Breath of the Wild.

With a duration of more than one and a half minutes, this video allows us to see an interesting and action-packed sequence in which we look brave Link measure yourself with a pair of robots Guardian as we encounter in games, all with the aim of protecting the helpless Excavation. According to the author of the animation, it took more than two months to complete and get participation from other good colleagues as Youyang Kong (animated), Sihan Yuan (music) and Doudou (sound).

This might be a mere project created by fans of the game, but there is no doubt that it has extraordinary quality.

Zelda fan animation from QianyaYin on Vimeo.

After seeing it and if you are fascinated with videos like us, do you like it Breath of the Wild Have your own anime?

Source: @Arya_Yin

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